Monday, August 20, 2012

Vintage Fabric Mystery

 My favorite local thrift store has received a huge donation of fabric from a lady who stopped sewing.  My favorite volunteer told me to check back weekly as she prices things.  She is also a quilt shop employee.  I found the above piece for $1.25.  It is 4 yards (36" wideP of cotton.  It's a large scale print and I just love it...even if I am not sure what to do with it just yet.

 I also found several cards of vintage buttons for 10 cents each.  I've had the vintage teddy bear eyes for a while but I bought them at the same thrift store.  I stop in regularly for their fabric section.  It happens to be the store where I bought my awesome Pfaff for $10.

 And here is the mystery!  got this fabric (9 yards at 36" wide) for under $3 total.  It is also a vintage cotton in a weird pattern.  I contacted my buddy Dora at Dora Quilts and she thinks it was made to be cut into a valance and cafe curtains with the white portions being where the rod pocket should be sewn.  I think that's probably spot on.  It might also make a bedskirt/valance.  Now I need to figure out if I am going to make something with these.  I really love them but cutting up vintage fabrics makes me feel all nervous.  What would you do??


  1. cut it and use it!

    It serves no purpose in a drawer. Ask me how I know!

    Just reviewed some stash I had not seen in a while and need to use it and move it out. Dresses for homeless girls? Maybe so!

  2. Willa is right. Fabric is meant to be cut up and made into something. It is time this fabric got it's day in the sun so to speak.

  3. the 4 yard large-print would be big enough for a small quilt 70x70 ish, I would use it as a backing! I love the valance/cafe curtains fabric, classic timeless colors/pattern!

  4. Lucky Lucky you!!!!! Awesome find!

  5. You always find the best deals. If that first fabric was green and yellow, it would look like Blanche Deveroux's boudoir.

  6. What a great find. Love the colors on the first fabric. I could see something made as part of my CHristmas decorations - vintage/natural theme.

  7. I love that first fabric. I love large scale prints. As for the second, I'd have no reservations about cutting it up and using it. That's what it was made for.

  8. I think it would be funky for a quilt back


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