Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scrap 911 + Bosco update!

 I finished the Scrap 911 quilt I had asked you guys about.  I found a baby batting at a yard sale for 15 cents so I knew I wanted to keep it that size vs. add borders.  I used a solid white flannel for the back.
 Not the most practical choice but it will be snuggly at least!
 I love those Edgy Veggie prints!

 I bound it with some black cotton. 
 I just eyeballed the cross hatch quilting.  I love how puffy and soft this looks.
 And I discovered this at Kroger last week and I might be slightly addicted.  Best frozen meal EVER..and you know I am too lazy to get sponsored to say that!

 For those wanting an update on Bosco, here he is!  He is sitting at the perfect angle to disguise the fact that I left bald spots behind his eyebrows and on his chest.  I hand strip the hair from his body and use clippers on his head/neck/chest.  I am so proud of myself for saving so much money on grooming!  Unfortunately, my guy seems to be allergic to chicken and eggs.  Fortunately I figured this out without expensive tests.  He is still kind of bitey to toes and fast moving objects (read: children).  He has been neutered and to puppy kindergarten.  Just praying he outgrows it.  It does seem to be getting better, especially when he's had a good walk or been to the dog park.  This is good motivation for us both to get on a morning walk routine when the boys start school later this month.  Any tips for nipping the nipping, leave me a comment PLEASE!  The things the trainer suggested (shake cans and water squirters) actually made it worse.   If I say "leave it" he will listen to me but I want him to quit doing it altogether...not just when he's told.   He's a great puppy most of the time...full of personality! 


  1. The scrap 911 looks great. A great use of scraps!
    As for Bosco's biting, I think it's just age, and will stop on its own. Of course you keep telling him you don't like it. Our dog did that and I would say "don't be sharky, (he has fangs), put away your teeth." It stopped at about a year.

  2. Oh no, sounds like you got an old-school trainer! Punishment so doesn't work, positive training is so much better. I taught Arnold how to not nip when he was a puppy by putting my hand in his mouth and saying "ouch!" if he bit me, and when he didn't bite he got praise and treats. The positive training manifesto is "reward behavior you like, ignore behavior you don't". There's a really good free mailing list for puppy training at Yahoo here, lots of great info:

    Good luck!

  3. Turned out wonderfully!! No tips, sorry

  4. Love your stunning scrap 911!!

  5. What a lovely scrap quilt. Turned out wonderful. Your little Bosco is so cute! He looks like the perfect angel sitting there. Our little Bella was a nipper too and we had to keep squeezing her nose when she did it and now she doesn't bite at all. We can tell her to be nice and she knows it hurts us. I think but pinching their noses they get that it hurts when they bite. He will outgrow that I'm sure. He probably just wants to play.

  6. Aww, poor semi bald pup! Maybe he needs the quilt to keep warm ;o)


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