Friday, August 17, 2012

On the Grand-wagon

If you've stuck around here long enough, you might have noticed I don't generally follow quilt-alongs or quilting trends.  Well, I finally met my match:

The Great Granny Along! 
This is a quilt-along hosted by Jodi of Pleasant Home and Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet.
I cracked open my American Jane stash  and am having SO much fun. 
The goal is 36 or more blocks to make (with sashing and borders) a king size quilt.  That sounds very wrong so my math might be shaky on that one. I'll update every several blocks.

 One note: I didn't follow the tutorial correctly.  I went by looks/memory and added the rectangles to EVERY row before sewing my bocks together.  This cut out a trimming step.  I also cut a 4.5" square diagonally for the top/bottom and found it was much easier than cutting all the extra rectangles and then having the bias edge on the outside. 

Yes, I have trouble following directions.  It's why I usually make my own!


  1. I started doing some too, w a stash from the seniors center for Childrens Hosp in Cincinnati. I didn't follow directions either choosing to strip piece. i have 5 blocks all the same and am starting on a second color scheme. probably will be able to intermix the squares.
    I'm hoping to get a seniors center great granny quilt along going there!!!!

  2. Hmmmm, would you be interested in some more American Jane scraps?

  3. I am smiling at that...I get sucked into a lot of quilt alongs and usually stay behind...but this one is sooo your squares.

  4. Well they look great even if you didn't follow directions

  5. I've looked at this QAL, but haven't made any blocks because of the bias edges. As a newbie along with being a visual learner, could you please post some pics of your new and improved edges? I'm having trouble visualing rectangles!

  6. I love your granny blocks! That makes me want to do some. And it seems like I saw someone writing about a giant granny quilt along (one big block verses many). I will be sewing some block; I just don't know when.

  7. They look GREAT!! And I have to laugh! I just made a quilt and poped a message to Kiera (the maker of the pattern) just to let her know I loved it but that I, too just had to change it up because I am a rule breaker! LOL


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