Monday, March 12, 2012


 The feedsack sale ends soon (see last post for link) but I didn't realize how hard it would be to see them go.  I pulled the above stack for a quilt.  There were no bids on those so I felt ok pulling them (but I heard about it later from a none too pleased auction watcher).   I just don't think I'll ever get another opportunity to have an authentic feedsack quilt if I don't take this opportunity.  I think I want one more orange sack to play up that color since it's a favorite.  I have a pattern in mind...but open to suggestions.
 I'm not sewing much of anything right now.  I am, however, getting use out of this little sewn bag.  It's the bag I put our medicines in when we travel.  We have so much sickness going on right now I was tired of pulling things out of the cabinet.  It's holding a antibiotic cream, antibiotics for my strep, ibuprofen, zyrtec for me and my little redhead, and some other things I'm sure my kids would rather me not mention by name.  Allergy season in Texas is killer right now.  The doctor told me the pollen count is 5x normal because of the mild winter.  My medicine is only keeping things to a dull roar. I really need to sew up some sinus compresses...and cold packs...and heat packs.  Oh man...we are falling apart!

I'm kind of becoming obsessed with this color palette...the oranges from Flora, the Ink colorway from Reunion, the Ruby grays, and American Jane green.  I really have considered ordering enough for a twin size quilt but then I look at the stack of quilts in my closet and the stack of fabric in my cabinet and I resist...proof I do have some willpower left.


  1. Allergies are horrible here too. Hope you are all better soon.

  2. I have a feedsack that my Mother made into a very simple bag and I use it ALL the time!! If you go to my blog here it is the pink print bag at the very top!! It is my pride and joy!! LOVE!!! Made from feed sack from my Grandmother's house!!

  3. Everyone is having problems with allergies and sinus because of the mild winter, me included. Sorry.

  4. I love the color palette for the feed sack quilt.. maybe you would like to look at one of the old patterns to incorporate those yummy fabrics into,,,What solids are you thinking out.. Hey,, there is also a free BOM on the craftsy website... 2 blocks per month and it is only March.. I have not begun those yet.. There will be enough by the end of the year for a whole quilt.. Something to think about.. I know whatever you decide will be wonderful!


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