Tuesday, March 13, 2012

YO...or NO?

Y'all remember my dog who died of cancer in December?  Well, his 10th birthday was last week.  My kids are still upset.  We are getting a puppy in April but I wanted to do a tribute for Ewan by making a quilt for our family to all use...a big ol' couch quilt.  I don't know if I will do a pattern or not.  If there is interest, please let me know so I can decide.

Let me ask you...
Should I add a yo-yo collar..
or not?

And let me say this is not your grandma's scottie block.  I don't like those because as a person who lived with a scottie for 10 years, they leave out those things that are just so scottie...the eyebrows, that cute little beard, those skirt covered legs.  I drafted a pattern to add those favorite elements.  I didn't want a dark, mostly black quilt...but a fun one, so I added the sweaters to show off some prints and keep the quilt fun and full of HAPPY memories.

And I should never have to say this but this block is like my Houndstooth block or my Eli's Wheels block...it's extremely personal and sentimental.  If you can figure out how to make it on your own, please give credit where it is due and do not sell a pattern based on it.  I've noticed a lot of people doing that lately...change a measurement...change a name...BOOM...you just designed something.  It's not right and my quilting-world-kindness is wearing thin even when I am not the one who has been ripped off.  I'm sure most of you guys wouldn't dream of being such a heel but for the few bad apples I'm just putting it out there.   I'm blaming my grumpiness on being sick so much from these darn allergies...I even have developed a twitchy eye.  Nobody wants to mess with the lady who has a twitchy eye, right??  ;)


  1. too cute, and sorry for your loss. I like the yo yo collar, maybe a ribbon too?

  2. LOL! We had a FeEx guy whos eyes twitched back and forth and noone in the store wanted to deal with him! (well he was also a 'space invader')!
    I like the yoyo! I think it just adds that POP!! And I love your idea of a happy quilt to remember your beloved friend!!
    Wow there is a lot of talk about people stealing designs lately! I do agree! give credit where credit is due!! I am not lucky enough to be able to design myself, so I rely on talented people like yourself! (and I OPENLY admit it!!)

  3. Yo. But maybe make them all a little different.

  4. I like the yo-yo collar....it needs something there for sure. This little doggie pattern is going to be cute. I hope you make the pattern up. What a great tribute to your pet.

  5. Love the yo-yo, it gives the Scottie a little more personality! Your quilt is a great idea, lots of happy memories for you loved pet. Your block is so cute.

  6. Why don't you just go ahead and do your pattern, put your name on it so that you have claim to it and if someone does do a take off, it is still your pattern.

    It is awfully cute...the yo yo color would give it more color.

  7. The yo-yo collar adds a wonderful dimension to the block. :-)

  8. Love your Scottie pattern! And yes, yo. It will add so much more personality to the quilt.

  9. What a sweet quilt this will be. I love the sweater and I do prefer the yo-yo.
    I too get frustrated and angry at the people who steal someone else's design, tweak it, and then claim it as theirs. Way too many dishonest opportunists in the world!
    I'm setting blocks together for your Ritzy Cracker design--am going to have to order some Papillon fabric for the border as soon as it's available!

  10. You know how I feel about ripping off designs... makes my eye twitch too!

    Your scottie block is so cute and such a sweet tribute. I love the look of the yo-yo but if this was going on my couch I wouldn't do it; I would be so afraid of a dog or kid grabbing one just right and pulling it off along with some extra fabric from the quilt. I have unruly animals and a child he gets equally riled up... LOL

    Jennifer :)

  11. Definitely the yo-yo, mixing up the colors and size. Very, very cute and a wonderful idea. Can't wait to see pictures of your family with your new puppy.

  12. I like the top block, with the ruffle and button the best. This will be a great quilt, both because it is cute, and because of the wonderful memories it will bring.

  13. I really like both ways. I'd probably do a combination of blocks with half having the yo yos and half without. I absolutely love this block. Most of the Scottie blocks I've seen do look like something my grandma would make. (Not a bad thing but I'm not 30 so I want something a little younger and more modern.) You should definitely think of publishing this pattern. It would make a great tribute to Ewan.

  14. Love the Yo! How about a dimensional bow tie on some of them?

    I also am upset about those who take others designs! I have recently seen this happen at a place it really should not, this made me very very sad :( I have also had a friend refuse to do that when others suggested it. :) So I guess there is the the good and the bad. (Hope you feel better soon.)

  15. I like the idea of adding the yo yo collar. Should I ever get ambitious enough to try to re make your pattern I will definitely give you credit but have no fear I don't plan on selling.
    Hope you feel better soon.


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