Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finish: That 70's Quilt

 So longtime bloggie friends will remember this pile of goodness straight out of the 1970's courtesy of my friend/fellow quilter, Vicki.  She organizes our church craft night.   One month was teaching her specialty, applique.  She brought her 80's and 90's stash but left her 70's stash at home because it was "so ugly".  I might have drooled or pleaded...whatever the case, she went home to get her ugly stash.  I was in love.  These are the types of fabrics I remember from my childhood. 
In fact, this fabric from Vicki's stash was on the quilt my mom made when she was pregnant with me.  Vicki gave me whatever I wanted.  I felt a little guilty taking half of everything.  Vicki's sister Alisa told me to just take it all.  I exercised serious restraint. 

  The fabrics were all very dark and close in value, so I wanted to break that up with some fresh white. 

 I added in a couple of modern-day pieces and one 30's reproduction that blended well.

 I kept the quilting very minimal...I just eyeballed diagonal lines through every other white square.  Since the squares are ony 2.5" finished, I didn't mark beyond the first line or two...I just found it unneccessary.
 I love this quilt.  It has already served our family well.
 I found this little cherry block applique at my favorite thrift store for a dime.  I applied it to the backing with a machine kind of off kilter.  Unfortunately, the quilting lines intersected it.  Oh well- stronger label, I guess!
 I found the backing for 50 cents a yard at the same thrift store.  I found food stains from where these were used as tablecloths.  Dear heavens, I HOPE it was a food stain!  Luckily it came out with Biz.  This is a poly/cotton blend.  Normally I am a cotton snob but I think some of the prints on the front are poly/cotton, too.  It's my quilt and I'll use poly blends if I want to!

The binding is a Japanese themed fabric (yeah, I wasn't seeing that either) I got on mega clearance from the LQS.  I think it went to $2 a yard.

This quilt has been to a fireworks show and was bound up while driving through 4 states.  It is now living a more tame life on my oldest son's bed.


  1. Great quilt! You did a wonderful job. I won't tell the quilt police about fabric content if you won't. If it makes you happy, who cares what the content is. Aren't thrift stored fun?!?

  2. I began quiltmaking back in the 70's when I was lucky to find 100% cotton, so when I found it, I bought it. Your quilt is an inspiration to get mine out and do something/anything with them!

  3. LOVE it! Love, love love it. So stinkin' cute and retro-licious. This is the kind of quilt that gives me warm fuzzies - something that evokes a good memory or reminds us of something dear. Sigh...

  4. Yow! I have some fabric like that in a box in the garage! I couldn't bear to part with it. I will have to bring it out and incorporate it into something soon.

  5. I'm a new fan, and gotta tell ya, this is sooooo Groovy, Man. Far out! (Seriously, I made a similar block quilt in 1970 in blues and white while recovering from a skiing accident...a month in traction in the hospital....ah those were the days, my friend ;)

  6. i love it! i'm waiting for someone to do a 1970s fabric reproduction line. you just can't find awesome fabric like that anymore!

  7. I love the fabric and the quilt. You make me want to go to the local thrift store and dig. =)

  8. That SAME fabric is one of the ones on my softee xmas ornaments that my grandma made for the bottom of the tree when I was a baby!! That was 1979, but it was obviously scraps from her stash, lol. She sent me those ornaments when my oldest was born 11 years ago. I love the simple patchwork design you used to showcase these prints. :)


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