Friday, July 15, 2011

De-Stash Sale/Swap

I'm ready to destash a little bit.  I need the space and they money wouldn't hurt, either!  I am willing to swap for American Jane fabrics since that's probably what I'll spend any profits on anyway!

I have 2 of these vintage elephant pillow panels they measure about 15"x16" each side.  I have one more I am holding know, in case I have a girl grandbaby in 20 years.

Here is the back of the panel.

Included with each panel is a set of coordinates from DS Quilts.  I bought these to make a quilt  with the elephant for a future niece who became a nephew.  Each Elephant kit will include 1 elephant front &back and 1/3 yard of each of these 4 prints.  Total cost per kit: $22 shipped(the elephant alone is selling on etsy for that much)

17 10" squares (layer cake pieces) of Momo's Just Wingin' it plus a hunk of  Momo Wonderland (probably close to a fat quarter) green/blue dots.  $14 shipped
1930s prints...aunt grace & aunt grace ties one on, and Aunt Sukey's Choice (Judy Rothermel for in the beginning fabrics):  about 1.5 yards for the prints in the 2 piles on the left, just shy of 1/2yard each on the cats and the small green print, 1/2 yard on the black/white flower print.
2.5 yards estimated, $12 shipped
Many of these prints can be seen in this quilt of mine:

 Vintage Rose fabric: this is 36"x37".  It's a course weave.  I think it might be a feed sack??  It has some small stains but a lot of great fabric still.  $5 shipped

If you are interested, just email me at marylane_brown at

If you have any questions about specific pieces, I will be glad to measure/answer.
I will consider splitting things up depending on interest.
I will adjust shipping if you buy more than 1 thing.
The only thing pre-washed is the elephant panel and the vintage rose fabric.
I will negotiate. 
I have three small kids so I can't guarantee to ship immediately, but I will guaranteee that your stuff will be shipped within 1 week of me receiving payment.
Prices listed are for US shipping only (first class mail).

Thanks for looking y'all...have a great weekend!

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