Friday, July 22, 2011

Feedsacks in Modern prints...who knew?

I promised to show y'all my fabric haul from Mississippi.  A lot of things I can't show just yet.  I bought so many things to make bibs and tag blankets for all the baby boys being born and I stuck everything into the washer to pre-wash before taking a picture.  You guys will have to wait for the finished product, but I am so giddy about the cute boy fabric we found!  I found the above stack at one of my mother-in-law's local shops for 2.99 a yard.  It is from Glenna Haley's Rise N Shine for Maywood Fabric Studios.  I like it but the price hadn't been right until 2.99/yard. I'm cheap!

This fabric looked so very familiar.  Then I remembered this:

This is from Denyse Schmidt's Picnic & Fairgrounds for Joann.  Dang, that's close. 

I then looked at the ginghams from both lines.  Very close in look, not as close in scale.

2 designers having the same 2 prints in their respective lines.  Hmmm.  I started googling and found that other people had noticed the same things and started a a Flickr group to spot the modern prints inspired by feedsacks.  It was there I learned that my 2 favorite designers, Sandy Klop and Denyse Schmidt, use this common practice of taking inspiration from old feedsacks.  So long, innocence!  I felt a little crushed.  I don't really understand why some things are labeled reproductions and some things are not.  I think it's a little funny that many people who think 30s repros are yucky would flock to the designer's take on the same prints (and vice versa!).  Obviously I must have a deep seated love for old feedsack designs because that's what I have been drawn to both consciously and inadvertently.  I guess I should be appreciative that these designers are making feedsack prints affordable and easy to find.


  1. Wow - I'm kind of shocked by your discovery too! Very interesting!

  2. *SQUEAL*
    Oh heavens!
    Do they deliver??
    I am in love with that
    red and black!!

  3. There is an "interesting" disccusion here:


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