Friday, April 8, 2011

Feelin Groooovy...Part 2

Right after receiving a motherlode of 70s vintage quilting fabric I happened upon more of the same in my favorite thrift store.

I found this really neat craft book  and bought it for some inspiration for my 70s fabric.
I like this favorite block is "A Quilt is a Textile Sandwich."  Mmmmm...sanchwiches.

I loved this looked very fresh still.  I love looking at old blocks and old quilts because chances are if it is cute today and was cute back then, then it is a timeless quilt and not just a trend that will look dated in 20 years.  I think this wold be cute with patchwork sections mixed in.  Of course I'd have to machine applique any appliques I did.  I am not good at needleturn (yet!) and I really need heavy duty quilts at our house.  My friends who do needle turn don't use their quilts as sick quilts, dragarounds, and the occasional unintentional rug.

And here is the fabirc.  There are good sized hunks of the green floral, red floral, yellow floral, and brown dot.  Someone had cut out strips and pieces for a log cabin baby quilt (pattern was included).  The aqua is probably not 70s...maybe it's definitely older.  There is over a yard of the aqua.  I am not sure I can use it but I paid $1.14 for everything in this post so I wasn't going to pass it up!

Still looking for 70's quilt ideas.  I am playing around with the idea of mixing patchwork sections with machine applique.  Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. You really need to find some double knits with loud prints on them - they would be oh so 70's. At least that is the way I remember it.

  2. Well, no matter what you come up with I am sure it will be perfect. I am going to attempt some hand applique at some point, but I am with you... I like my quilts to be very very heavily used...and to hold up under the pressure!

  3. I came into some AMAZING 70's fabrics about a year ago and have been trying to find the perfect project for them. I used to have this quilting book and love it - is this the one with the terrifying doll quilt that is the size of a bed? ANYWAY, thanks for sharing these images, I think the applique sampler (adapted) is going to be the perfect thing for my fabrics.


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