Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quilted Eyeglass Case

I'm having a hard time seeing my glasses in the morning so I made myself a bright eyeglass case (yeah those corners were supposed to be rounded) in American Jane prints.  I also made my sister a replacement eyeglass case.  I tried making her a handbag one time and it turned into a wine bag.  We are baptist so obviously that was not gonna work.  I cut the wine bag down in size and was left with an eyeglass case.  It's a sad tale of girl with no spatial skills.


  1. I'm a Baptist too. I don't need a wine case...and am thankful that I don't need an eyeglass case--yet.

  2. I was thinking the other day about making another eyeglasses case. This has given me the push I needed. Love those prints. Isn't that the wonderful thing about a project this small? You get to make something useful out of the leftovers!


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