Monday, February 7, 2011

Lifetime Warranty...

When I first started quilting, I purchased a Fiskars rotary cutter from wal-mart.  My mother was a seamstress and to me Fiskars was the gold standard.  Imagine my disappointment when I broke my first, then second Fiskars rotary cutter.  The screw that holds the blade must have gotten somewhat stripped because the blade on both cutters slipped around and started digging into the plastic body of the cutter.  I switched to Olfa and now use the fiskars for cutting paper and insulbrite.

After months of being on the mental to do list, I sent fiskars and email with a photo attachment of my 2 damaged cutters.  I got 2 new ones in the mail!  I'm not gonna lie...I will probably stick with my Olfa cutter.  It is nice to know that Fiskars stands behind their products! 

Do you have a broken Fiskars product? Visit the Fiskars website and learn how to get your replacement.  It took me less time to request my replacements than it did for me to write this blog post!

What is your favorite brand of cutting tools???


  1. I'm an olfa girl too, but it is good to know Fiskars stands by their stuff, I have a bunch of their scissors.

  2. Olfa for sure. When I started I bought a large Olfa but my friend recommended using a small blade so I bought a tiny fiskars. I couldn't get it to cut through the fabric. Such a disappointment.

  3. Wow, good for you! I think I have a fiskars cutter that I've had for four years with no issues whatsoever. It's not that one though. =)

  4. A big OLFA!! I have had a fiskars in the past too; and really really did not like it. :)


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