Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moda Bakeshop Sneak Peak...

I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of my next Moda Bakeshop project.  I know it's kind of hard to tell from this picture what the finished quilt will look like...that's exactly why I posted it!  Bwah-ha-ha!  This quilt was supposed to be a lap size, but I had a math malfunction and ended up getting twice as many blocks as I had planned!  Man, those layer cakes can go a looooong way.  This is a twin size quilt made with 1 layer cake, some background fabric, and yardage for borders.

Because I had not ordered enough backing fabric for a twin size, I used some of my bella white and some layer cake pieces from another sunkissed layer cake I had.  I felt so lucky to have those pieces...I really did not want to have to order more fabric!  I really love the greens, grays, and oranges from the sunkissed line.  They are just beautiful together.  I promise this quilt is not as wonky as this picture makes it seem.  It's hard to wrangle a big quilt for photos. 

I am really proud of myself because I am trying new quilting designs.  You can really get in a rut with's quick to do and it photographs well.  I forced myself out of my comfort zone first with little loops, then sprouting vines (loops on meandering lines) and then graduated to actual leaves on vines for this quilt.  Some places are messier than others, but once everything is washed it hardly matters to anyone but me.

Oh, and remember that white quilting thread I got such a great deal on?  It was crap.  Total- Crapola.  It made the quilting of this quilt a nightmare.  It made so much fuzz that when you opened up to change bobbins it was like sticking your face in a bag of poly fill.  I am never gonna buy a brand-less thread again.  This makes Coats and Clark look like a premium thread.  Learn from my mistakes!

What is your favorite brand of quilting thread???


  1. Aurofil. Love it! Low lint, and very strong. I use it on the machine, and for hand sewing.
    Sorry the thread gave you fits. I've been there and feel the pain!

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! Don't you just love layer cakes?

    Gutermann thread is almost all I use; my machine seems to prefer it.

    Jennifer :)

  3. I was using gutermann and like it better than coats and clark. Right now I am using Aurifil for piecing and I like it because it is thinner and my bobbin doesn't run out as fast. I do have to set my tension up very high on my machine. I think I'll try it when I quilt my next top.


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