Friday, January 28, 2011

Color Card- The Real Deal + a knockoff

 This week I got this in my mail...a Moda Bella Solids Color Card!  I had heard of Kona Cards but did not know Moda made those, too.  I literally squealed and jumped up and down when I opened the package.  My husband said "but you can't make anything out of those...they're tiny!"  Very funny.  For me it means no more going buggy eyed trying to compare pictures on the internet when I am ordering solids...woo-hoo!  Lately I have been really drawn to solids & shot cottons.

The closest place to buy quality solids for me is Hobby Lobby.  They carry some Kona colors.  When my bff Amie (The Fabric Warrior) was here for the Quilt Festival in October, we took samples of the kona scraps we had and made makeshift color cards.  I had seen a girl who did this with glue (sorry I don't know the blog name, but if you know who just tell me and I'll update this post to include the link!) but we took a lesson from scrapbookers and just sewed some scraps onto an index card and labeled them.  We pinked the edges with my pinking shears to cut down on fraying.   No more mystery background fabric around here.


  1. That card is bound to be a life saver! I like your idea too! It is hard to tell colors on screens!

  2. Aren't they so yummy. Having the card helps so much.

  3. The color card is such a great idea! Do you have any suggestions for a yellow to match Central Park? I don't live near any quilt stores and am anxious to buy online based on possibly altered colors. Thanks so much!


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