Saturday, January 8, 2011

How do you teach a boy how to sew???

My 6 (almost 7) year old is dying to learn how to quilt. The only problem is that he gets bored even doing a pillowcase. I am at a loss as to what to do about it. I am so excited that he is excited and I want to spend time with him while he cares about it befoe he goes all Cat's-in-the-Cradle on me, but it just ends in frustration. ANY SUGGESTIONS??? We have been working on this scrap wreath but now he and I are both claiming ownership...

He asked me to take a picture of his lego restaurant for the lego website and also my blog.  When he was 5 he told everyone his mom was a world famous quilter...I did not even have a blog.  This year he got a little older/wiser and realized I was not world famous.  I told him about the magazine thingie and he said "are they even gonna sell that in LAS VEGAS?"  I told him I guessed so and he said "wow really ARE a world famous quilter!"  Let's go "awwww" together, ok?  Anyway, he wanted me to post pictures of his lego creations because I guess he thinks he can become a world famous Brickmaster. 

So what can you do to include the kids in your sewing???


  1. When I taught my children to sew, I had them make sleeping shorts (jams). They enjoyed this because they were making something for themselves. These were easy stitching and they were able to make them in a couple of days so they were able to use them quickly.

  2. If he really wants to sew, I would let him pick out his own fabric and whatnot and start him off doing maybe one patch of his quilt at a time?

    When you figure out how to get a boy to sit and do one thing for any length of time, let me know, K? ;)

  3. We run a sewing club at our church. The successful stuff has been things they considered useful. We began with storage bags. You could get him to draw a picture with fabric pens on a square of fabric then applique that onto a simple drawstring bag [what about one to hold fiddly little Lego bricks?]
    Another trick is to use a kitchen timer and say "We are only allowed 10 minutes a day to work on this project!" If he is that keen, he will beg for extra time when the timer pings.
    Also, make a list of the steps [1-cut out pieces; 2 sew left seam; 3 sew right seam 4; hem the top etc] and let him tick off each step as completed so he has an idea of the progress being made.
    FINALLY tell him we are all really impressed with Lego model and scrap wreath and cannot wait to see sewing project on the blog, so HE can be a world famous craftsman!
    blessings xx

  4. my early experiences with quilting included sitting by my grandmother and hand quilting the quilt in the frame... Her frame set up on the floor and took up the whole room, but it stayed up until it was completed. We were elbow to elbow.. I still have the quilt that I remember quilting..

  5. I know a 5th grade student that enjoys sewing pillowcases and bean bags for games just like the girls in their sewing club. He loved the sewing machine. I loved sewing with an adopted aunt on small projects when we went to her home. :)

  6. I have no help for the sewing question, but that is a great lego restaurant. Looks like an old fashioned diner. :)

  7. I did rag quilts with the young beginners when I taught homeschool kids. They were so quick and easy! We did three layers of flannel for our rag quilts for the kiddos.


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