Thursday, January 6, 2011

Charlie Brown quiltalong update...

A few of you wanted to do the Charlie Brown quiltalong, and since one of those few is my mother-in-law, that means we will proceed!

One of the lovely commenters said she can't buy the fabrics until February and since all three of my boys are born in February I am going to be broke in February anyway (yeah, don't bother doing the backwards math to figure out what comes 9 months before February...the oldest was supposed to be born in January and the twins were supposed to be born in March). I am going to post a supply list soon but we will not begin cutting/sewing until March 1...that just happens to be my 2 year anniversary as a quilter. This will give you plenty of time to save some cash and get supplies. You could also start trolling ebay or thrift stores for a good deal on a Peanuts sheet for the backing. Thrifting + Quilting= Fun Times. If you are a beginner, never fear...this will be a very easy quilt and I will post either tutorials for each step or links to good tutorials.

If you have any questions or comments about the quiltalong, just email me at marylane_brown at yahoo dot com


  1. what kind of material should we be looking for? yellow and black or does it matter?

  2. What quilt is the quilt along for? Do you have it pictured here and I just don't see it?


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