Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happiness is...a warm quilt

First order of business...the giveaway winner. #18 was selected at Random.org and our winner is:

Paula Ganyard said...
My sewing goals for 2011 are to get some UFOs done. I have an art quilt to finish and I have 3 traditional quilts, 2 applique projects and a lap quilt for my Dad to do. When I stop to think about it I guess what I really need to do in 2011 is schedule quilting time, that is the only way it is going to get done. Happy 2011!
January 1, 2011 9:42 AM

Ok Paula...sorry to heap another project onto your pile, but you win a pattern from the shop! Congrats and hope you love it.

As you may know, my kids are huge Peanuts fans.  I made the above quilt for my oldest son.  It is twin size.  Of all the quilts I've ever made, it's the one I have longed for a do-over on.  My mitered binding is not great, my stippling was terrible, and I used wal-mart fabric and poly batting.  It is still loved, but I love the idea and always wanted to do another one when my skills improved.  Last week, I found the most awesome vintage Peanuts sheet ever, and I knew my time for a do-over arrived.

Is there any interest in a quilt-along for this pattern?  If so, let me know in the comments section and be sure to include the size you're interested in.  This quilt is super easy...just a few half square triangles but otherwise a whole cloth quilt.  Super beginner friendly, super easy...and yet it is the quilt that has received more compliments from others of all the ones I have made.  Happiness is a warm quilt!  You don't have to do yellow, either.  Erik's cousin Michelle blogs at Life Sews On (don't you love that name) and she made one with multi zigzags and various colors of charlie brown shirts through the years for her factoid loving brother.  Some colors are blue, orange, yellow, red, green...but whatever the recipient likes will work.  Of course let me put out the legal disclaimer that this not officially licensed related to United Features Syndicate, blah blah blah (insert trumpet blurbs since I am talking like a grown up).    This quilt is just easy and fun.  I made a cute button on the sidebar...feel free to grab it for your blog if you want to, whether or not you are interested in participating.  .

And speaking of variations, my mother-in-law made this cracker quilt using my MBS tutorial but with yardage instead of pre-cuts.  She blogs at Life On The Farm. She arranged many of the like crackers together to get an X.  I like that she made it her own.  I thought that would also be a really cute way to do an X's and O's quilt and then a reader sent me a pic of how she did just that!

Go visit Jo  to see the cracker quilt made in Pure.  It is awesome, too!

I love seeing all the variations.   If I got EQ7 it would be the end of me!


  1. Love the quilts! I don't know what EQ7 is...but that last quilt is very cute. I'd definitely be interested in seeing a pattern...not sure I can do a quilt along right now, but would definitely be curious! =)

  2. I will be joining in. I may not be able to purchase my fabric until mid Feb though. This one is for ME. And I've added the button.

  3. I would like a quilt-a-long of the charlie brown quilt... you know I have to be taught everything..

  4. Yes to the quilt along! I'm so excited to find a Peanuts fan...

    I wish I knew I would quilt someday. I still have a set of Snoopy sheets from childhood but I use the flat sheet for my dogs. Maybe I can do something with the fitted sheet someday...

    By the way, I'm making my first charity quilt top from your charm pack tutorial. So excited!

  5. Elizabeth I will be using a flat sheet for my backing but you could trim off the elastic on a fitted and it would be plenty big enough.

  6. Thanks for the pattern, now I really have to schedule quilting time!

  7. Congrats to the Q-winner! Love the Chuck quilt. BTW...made you new blog of the day.

  8. Just finished "A Ritzy Cracker Quilt" from MBS out of bliss (posted on flickr). What a fun pattern to make! Thanks!

  9. Oh, good! Perfect use of the fitted sheet! My 16 month old nephew's room has a Peanuts (Snoopy, really) theme so I'll make this for him. My brother will laugh when he sees the sheet. :)

  10. Can I join in? I have a peanuts sheet that I have had since I was a little girl. I got a set of peanuts sheets many many many years ago. I think the bottom sheet wore out, but I saved to top one all this time. Anyway I think that qualifies me as a member of the I'd love to make a peanuts quilt club!


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