Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes...

My BFF and fellow quilter Amie is currently proofing/making my Helix pattern in the baby size and she called with a question tonight.  I get off the phone and my 6 year old asks what she was talking to me about (nosy just like his mama) and I told him she was making a baby quilt using one of my patterns.  He looks at me (and not even in a snotty tone...just genuinely curious) and says "why would somebody wanna copy YOU, Mom?" 

Ouch.  When he was 5 he thought I was a "world famous quilter."  Things are going downhill fast, folks! 

I am making another Happy Campers bed quilt for my OTHER twin and decided since I had changed the pattern and had to do ALL the math (I saw an antique quilt I liked and took my favorite elements out of it and changed some other things up) AND all the quilting,  I might as well write it up in pattern form.  Hopefully that will be up next week for sale in my etsy shop and after that I PROMISE to do a free tutorial on here for my Single Charm Pack Lap Quilt. 


  1. Just wait for the things he says when he's a teenager, you know when he knows everything and you know nothing!

  2. Please post pictures so we can see your progress on the new quilt!!! I have finally finished cutting out all the material for the ritzy cracker quilt... since I cut my own charm packs, it has taken a little longer, I cannot wait to get started on it!!!


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