Monday, November 1, 2010

Gearing up for Houston: A Market-Goer's Restaurant Guide

I've lived in and around Houston for 8 years now and while *I* will probably be snarfing down a hot dog at the George R. Brown convention center during my trip to market, I thought I'd include some restaurants close to the Convention Center (yup, I totally stole this idea from Lizzy House). These are not in walking distance, but they are all a short drive away and you don't have to get on the freeways to get to any of them (though you do have to go UNDER a freeway to get to one of them).  There are lots of great chain restaurants here but I am not going to include large chains since you probably have one near you.  This is for local favorites!

2706 Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas 77098
(713) 524-1700

Type of Food: Tex Mex
My picks:
Baja Tacos, Steak Burrito, Creamy Jalapeno Dressing on ANYTHING.

This is Tex Mex at its finest. Ask for "Creamy" when you get your chips and you will be treated to the best dip ever. EVER! This is the spot where all our friends and family insist on coming to again and again. It has a laid back atmosphere and kitschy decor. Grab a lime & coconut mint on your way out the door.

La Madeleine- River Oaks Location
2047-A West Gray Street
Houston, TX 77019-3649
(713) 526-9666

Type of Food: French Girl Food

My picks: Tomato Basil Soup is to die for.  They also serve a great lemonade and plenty of bakery picks.  My husband absolutely hates it here because it is just too feminine for him.  That means you will probably love it.

Katz's Deli
616 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006-3916
(713) 521-3838

Type of Food: Traditional Deli

I'll be honest here...I like Jason's Deli.  If you want a LOCAL place, this is the place to go.  Everybody seems to love it!

Prince's Hamburgers
3899 Southwest Fwy, Houston - (713) 626-9950

Type of Food: American Diner

My picks: Fried Egg Sandwich.  Hubby likes the Big Bopper.  This place is not my fave...I would pick La Madeleine over this any day. My husband prefers places like Prince's for his rich food fix. I think this is a case of which type of fat you prefer... I prefer my gut bombs to be disgused as cute girl food.   Dont' be scared by the freeway don't have to get on the freeway to get there (but you could if you are comfortable with that).  Just click the "avoid big roads" button on mapquest.


6015 Westheimer Rd, Houston - (713) 782-6310

Type of Food: Cajun/Seafood

My picks: I love any kind of baked or grilled fish here.  Skip the's nasty.  This place is so good...a bit pricey though.  I've taken my children and been amazed when they started snarfing green beans.  Butter really does make everything better.  The Pappas family owns all kinds of restaurants here so anything with "papp" in the name is probably good.  Pappas BBQ, Little Pappasito's, get the idea.

Goode Company Barbecue
5109 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 522-2530

Type of Food: Texas BBQ

My picks: 2 meat plate: Brisket and sausage.  Texans love their brisket (though being an Alabama girl I still think pulled pork is the true BBQ meat).  When in Rome...

Check out to see if she puts up her guide soon.  Hopefully she will have some more exotic suggestions for you!

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  1. I absolutely, positively LOVE La Madeleine. They have (or used to have) a pastry there called a St. Tropez....short for St. Tropezienne. I could literally send myself into a sugar coma eating those things. I have DREAMED about them. True story. :)


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