Thursday, November 4, 2010

If you are going to International Quilt Festival...

Stop by the Moda Bake Shop booth, #1938, to see my quilt (the Ritzy Cracker Quilt). My quilting friends from church went to preview night and they confirmed that it is there and it is hanging (whoo-hoo) and apparently pictures were made. I am so excited. I will be there on Saturday to visit. I am going to try to take lots and lots of pictures even if it means spreading out posts so you guys who aren't able to make it will be able to see some of what I thought was inspiring.  Having quilt festival less than 20 miles from my house is a great reward for all the humidity and hurricane scares I get to deal with every summer!


  1. Yayyy Mary!!! Congratulations!! If you could....would you mind taking a shot of my Random Reflections quilt too and maybe even email it to me? It's supposed to be there too. I'd be oh so grateful you lucky duck! :)

  2. Lovely. I love the fabrics you used. I noticed in your profile you are from North Alabama. That is where we now reside (Florence)! Such a small world.

  3. Oh boy! What an honor! :o) I absolutely adore your quilt and have the pattern flagged as one to make with much of the fabric that was bartered over the last several months!! :o)
    Thanks for your willingness to share quilt market pictures with those of us who can not attend. :o) That is so sweet of you!
    Sincerely - Tricia


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