Friday, November 5, 2010

I promise I am usually responsible...

I did SO good at the 10000 bolt quilt shop (The Painted Pony n Quilts...a Moda certified shop in La Porte, TX) but that blue floral toward the bottom nagged at me.  I LOVED it.  I am not a BLUE person, but I loved this one.  I am not one to stash something that wasn't a basic or a kid's fabric (for my boys) without a plan, so I went home and started looking up the rest of the fabrics in the line, Building Blocks by American Jane for Moda.  Of course. 

I ended up and found all the other prints I wanted online and called Painted Pony for the rest.  I bought some coordinating prints from American Jane Basic Building Blocks and I threw in a coordinating check from Wee Play and a floral from Recess.  I am totally in love with this stack!!!  There is 1 more print I think would go well with my stack, but it is in a quilt shop in the middle of Mississippi and I'll have to wait until we go visit my in-laws to buy that. I really did not need to spend this much money coming off a speeding ticket (which I still say you are not speeding if the officer pulls you over with a FINGER WAVE!) but my husband says he is happy that I did splurge on something that makes me happy.  I guess this means I have to be excited the next time he spends money on an electronics thingie I don't know how to work, huh?

I am going to dream and drool over this little bundle for a while before I make my final decision.  I am thinking a Plus quilt...maybe even just squares.  Any suggestions????


  1. Good Morning Mary. :o)
    Oh I can see why you love your fabrics!! :o) I can hardly wait to see what you decide to create with them. :o) That is funny how your husband prefers electronic "thingies', mine does too. :o)
    We have quilt shops in Mississippi?? Gosh, I wish they would come further down this way. :o)
    I hope you are having a great start to a brand new day.
    Sincerely - Tricia

  2. Just buy it. Sooo many great possibilities.


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