Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quilt Festival: Part 1

It's going to take waaaaay too long to put everything I saw at the Festival in 1 post, so I'm breaking it up.  My feet are killing me but we made it through all the booths and we bought tons of stuff!  Today I give you the Moda Bake Shop Booth!

There is my quilt with Random Reflections by Freckled Whimsy!
Fandango Clams, Natalia Bonner
Dream On, Amy Ellis
Free swag- a needlebook!

Endless Possibilities & Candy Bar Pinwheels
 Pure Emotions by Kari Ramsay
Ruffle Quilt by Sunflower Seeds.

We got to meet Angela, the moda home mom.  We also met Moda Lissa.  It was so fun! 

We left market feeling exhausted but so inspired to become better quilters.  The quilting world is so much bigger than what I have seen just on blogs.  I can't wait to share the rest with you!


  1. Oh thanks for letting me know Mary! It all looks fabulous :)

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for getting these photos!! You are the bestest ever!!! Our quilts look so cute together! :D

    I'm going to post a photo on my blog tonight since you gave me permission and I will link back to you!

    Thanks again! Whoopie!! :D

  3. Mary
    Thank you so much for taking a photo of my quilt in the Festival Moda Bake Shop booth! Your photos are wonderful!

  4. Congrats again Mary. I'm in for next year. It looks like ya'll had so much fun and I hate missing out on fun. =)


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