Friday, August 20, 2010

Look & Learn Love

Recently I snagged some Look and Learn fabric on Etsy. It's a Sandy Klop line that is a couple of years old and now discontinued. The original plan was to make a twin size quilt for the twins bedroom. That just wasn't working out. It started gnawing at me because I did not want to change the quilt design. It is a mail order pattern from the 20's-40's that I found in the archives on this blog.

Lying in bed one night, I realized this should be a baby quilt for our friends who are starting their adoption journey. I felt so much better after that!

I am in love with this quilt! My husband said it is a gorgeous quilt and it was the best I had done. I am so glad I am challenging myself to more time consuming quilts. They are worth the effort.

This quilt was very simple to piece...just squares, rectangles, and half square triangles. The only tricky part was the cutting since I had limited quantities of each fabric. It is also one of those quilts that relies on fabric placement to create an optical illusion, so getting the pieces in the right spot was important. It's supposed to look like a box you can see through. You could do other placements for a more modern look, but I liked this placement for these fabrics. It created a cute secondary pattern, I think.

I did a new-to-me quilting method of swirling loops. I love this method but it took 10 bobbins of thread on a baby quilt! It also took a long time. It adds a little more of a vintage feel than stippling with all the crinkling I love. I added a few surprise words: faith, hope, & love. I thought this might be a fun find for mom and dad. I doubt I will be writing faith with a sewing machine...dotting your I's and crossing your T's on a sewing machine is kind of a pain!

For the back and binding , I used some of the Wee Play scraps and some Peas&Carrots scraps also by Sandy Klop. Amie gave me these to make more blocks for a twin size, but hopefully she will approve. Now that I think about it, this quilt matches the colors in our friend's home. It was just meant to be.

Finished quilt is about 48"x 48". I modified the original blocks by turning the flying geese on the corners into HSTs and adjusting my measurements from 6"blocks to 12" blocks.

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