Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cracker Blocks

Cracker Blocks...My latest thing I'm crushin' on. To me these are so fresh and modern. It's hard to believe they've been around for decades.

I have read so much about modern quilters vs. traditional quilters. I'm not sure where I belong...not that it really matters. You're as unlikely to find me making a wonky log cabin in Denyse Schmidt prints as you are to find me making a Dear Jane quilt using civil war reproductions. I just like simple, clean blocks. I guess I am just a simple quilter. I will say that I am not an improv quilter. I like to start out with a great plan so everything can be mindless from there on out. I've done improv quilting before and it was just not a recharging experience for me. In fact, it was pretty draining. I think when you are in a house full of 3 small kids you crave a little order. Maybe I'll try again when I have an empty nest.

The best part about Cracker Blocks?





Drop a comment and let me know which one layout you like! Seriously, I'm torn!

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