Monday, August 30, 2010

Three quilts done (and hopefully bad sewing mojo, too).

Recently a lovely woman from church invited me to visit a charity our church sponsors. I am going to attend a baby shower for the local pregnancy crisis center! I decided this is a perfect opportunity to get my Dorcas on and sew for charity. I made a boy quilt (my stash is ALL boy stuff) and was really stressing about the girl quilts. I don't have girl fabric, I don't really like girly fabric, and I don't have money to go buy said girly fabric.

On a whim on the way to get the twins at preschool, I stopped into a local thrift store and what did my wandering eyes find but a stack of girly cottons! Someone had donated an entire stack of fabrics that appeared to be coordinated with each other. It wasn't my style, but I did notice it was pretty good fabric...some P&B textiles in there. They sold me all the pieces (1/2 yard and 1 yard each) for 25 cents EACH! I got home and broke it up into 2 groups (too much treacle for my taste for just 1 baby quilt), added some white, and was able to make 2 baby girl quilts for $1.50 and the price of some batting & thread. It is not my taste, but I hope someone who loves it will receive it.

I used my orphan blocks from the Box quilt I made (which turned from a twin into a baby quilt upon a gut feeling) and I arranged them to play up the optical illusion aspect of the boxes.

I'm done. I'm so done! I will probably make another baby quilt or two, but I've had too many issues this week. It's bad sewing mojo. I've had wonky backings (shhh...we will tell them it was artfully placed on the diagonal), issues picking up bobbin thread, and problems getting a good miter on my bindings. I am really missing my usually does my bindings and without it I am just not doing so hot.

Have I mentioned my living room floor looks like Grand Central Station?


So I've got to hop off the sewing machine and get this house in order. Hopefully my broom will not be too high tech for me!

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