Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just because...

Of all the quilts I've ever made, I think this ranks very high in recipient appreciation. It's a little cheater panel of Scooby Doo fabric featuring my middle child's 2 favorite things...Scooby Doo and the Mystery 'Chine. Yesterday, knowing I had this fabric in my stash, he asked me to make him something with it. He has a child sized quilt already but I ruined it in a washing mishap. I've since become much picker about how I wash my quilts and I always use a Shout Color Catcher. Anyway, I decided to whip up a VERY simple quilt as a replacement.

I just added a little white to make it a better size then did very very simple quilting with my walking foot around some of the "lines" in the print. It was only about half bound by bedtime last night, so I had to remove the needle and let him sleep with it as-is. I finished the binding this morning before we headed to swim class.

It's kinda loud. It's nothing fancy. It cost about $10 to make. My son loves it, though. There will be a time where my homemade stuff is lame-o, so I am going to savor these years where I can make something that makes them so happy.

Next Up I am making blocks for this quilt using some Sandy Klop fabric and trying to quilt the Dukes of Hazzard quilt in secret...not an easy task.

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  1. still be careful with the color catchers i learned blue Pre-washed flannel can Not go in with white flannel wile trying to prewash the 6 yards of white and save time

    instead im starring that the now baby blue flannel thats supposed to go in a all white / pink quilt

    with multiple color catcher sheets in the wash too and they all ended up almost midnight blue as well

    every time i see the now blue flannel it makes me sad =( which is weird becuse fabric usually has the make me smile effect


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