Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Dorcas Update

So I've been keeping my eyes, heart, and ears open for a sewing project in the tradition of Dorcas. A friend read my blog post and let me know about some different handmade items her son recently received during a hospital stay for heart surgery. Here are some of the goodies that folks can donate:

1)Lactation dolls- small, flat dolls that can be stuffed into mama's bra to get her scent on it then stuffed into the bassinet so baby can smell his mom.

2)Crocheted hat to keep warm

3)Prayer blanket (from a friend, not a stranger) with verses printed onto patches and then sewn into fleece

4)Heart pillows for the heart patient to hold during coughing. I know when I had a c-section I had to cough against a pillow for the counterpressure and I'm assuming the same principle applies.

I then spoke to a friend who is a NICU nurse and she let me know that it was not OK to put anything Bible or Jesus related on the items for the nurses to hand out. Yikes. I talked it over with a lady from my church and what to you know...she was going to be the delegate from our church to attend the big baby shower at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. She invited me to attend with her. I am going to work very hard to get a quilt or two made by then and monogram a Bible verse for the label. Any favorite verse suggestions?

Sorry about the lack of picture. It's been quite a day here. We had playdate at our house and it all ended with someone kicking in a door. A little girl had accidentally locked herself in one of our bathrooms. As my husband points out, the door is replaceable. Unfortunately, the door frame was the one we recorded all our kid's heights on. Sigh. The silver lining is that in replacing the door/doorframe my husband had to remove tiles and he just decided we could go ahead and start that bathroom remodel we have been planning for months.

I'm going for a sewing and swimming weekend with my best friend starting Friday so hopefully I will have some finished projects to share next week.

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