Sunday, August 1, 2010

I wanna be a Dorcas.

Sitting in church on Sunday morning, I glanced over to my son's lesson sheet. I giggled as I saw the name "Dorcas." I stuck the sheet in the back of the pew in front of me and went on my merry way. At some point I looked down and glanced in bold letters "SEWING". know I gotta pick it up and read it now. Dorcas, known to some as Tabitha, was an early Christian who lived in Bible times in the city of Joppa. I've never heard of her story until today...32 years of being in church and I don't hear about the seamstress in the Bible until I can actually sew. Good timing.

Her story is told in Acts 9:36-43. Dorcas is described as doing good deeds and charitable work continually. She used her gifts as a seamstress to provide clothing to the poor. This was an act of love for those in her village. One day Dorcas fell ill and died. The people of her village loved her so much they ran after Peter and showed him their clothing and told him that this woman who had showered them with love and her gifts had died. Peter went to the home where Dorcas' body lay. He sent everyone away and knelt down and prayed at her bedside. Eventually, he turned to the body and told her to arise. You know what? She did! The people rejoiced and there was a great revival in the city with many accepting Christ.

I can't believe I've never heard this story before. There are all sorts of songs and stories about Lazarus. I doubt Dorcas ever could have imagined that because of the simple act of sewing of those in need, she could bring about spiritual revival in an entire town. She didn't serve the Lord thinking of how he could use it. She just acted in love and let Him sort the rest out. So often I feel like I can't teach, lead, or sing, so I am useless to the big picture. This story showed me that instead of worrying about what will happen or thinking about what I can't do, I need to grab on to those instincts I have to show someone love through my sewing. God is big enough to figure out a way to use anything done for His Glory.

This week I am going to keep my eyes, ears, and heart open for an opportunity to show the love of Christ to someone through a gift He has so graciously given to me. Let me know if you plan on doing the same!


  1. That is great! I'm excited to see how God will use you!

  2. Amen. I too want the Lord to use me in this manner. What ever we do, that He would take as our offering to Him and bless it, and bless others by it. What ever that may be.


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