Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Dresden Colorwheel Flimsy

I usually don't post pictures of quilt tops, but I am posting this for two reasons:

1) Usually it doesn't take me almost 3 months to make a quilt top.

2) This is my first hand applique...once the washing machine gets a hold of this thing it may never look this good again!

I decided to start destashing a little this spring in anticipation of a trip to Mississippi where I had been told of a quilting store that held designer bolts THREE DEEP and up to the ceiling. I've since been and was ALL TRUE. Anyway, my stash was pretty small (the way I like it) but I had a bunch of random fabrics I had purchased quarter yard cuts of "just because" whenever I first started quilting. I added those to my scraps and decided it looked like a rainbow. That's where the colorwheel dresden got started.

This quilt was super economical. Some of the fabric isn't the best's just what I bought when I was getting started and not wanting to invest an arm and a leg into something I had no idea would become such a passion. I hand appliqued each plate onto inexpensive Hobby Lobby white cotton fabric (no sense gettin' fancy now) and in keeping with the cheapy theme I purchased a full size vintage sheet for $1.49 for the backing.

I think the sheet goes pretty well. Now I'm waiting on a 40 percent off coupon from Hobby Lobby for my batting because it would feel just wrong to spend $10/yard on warm and white for one of the thriftiest quilts I've ever made!

My next quilt on the horizon is a birthday quilt for my husband. At Christmas he complained that I had just started getting stuff off his legendarily specific Wish Lists...I was no longer giving thoughtfully. Well, I hope he enjoys this thoughtful gift when he realizes he isn't getting the new, cheaper Amazon Kindle to go with it! I have been trying to keep it a big secret, but I think my three year old blew it yesterday at dinner when he said: "Daddy, we got you Dukes of Hazzard for your birfday." Anyway, the Dukes of Hazzard top is also complete and here is an awesome vintage cotton I found for the binding...$1 for about 2 yards!

I can't wait to finish the Colorwheel quilt and Dukes of Hazzard quilt. After I do those it's on to my new (to me) Sandy Klop stash. She's my fave!


  1. Your quilt top is lovely. I love that you are using a sheet for the back. That is all I EVER use. I live thrifty!

    I have a suggestion for your batting. Why not go back to the thrift store and find a non-stretchy blanket in the size you want that looks like the quilt batting (warm and natural)? Where I shop, that would be $2.38. I have used blankets before as batting, and I have also used the mattress pads that look like warm and natural.

    I also wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I could not reply, as you are set to no-reply.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I tried to fix the email thingie. I'm very new to this and my husband is hogging all of the technological gifts in our household.

    I loved looking over your thrift store haul. Thrifting and quilting are my favorite pasttimes and if you can buy quilting stuff AT the thrift store you have had a good day!

  3. could i get a pattern for your dresden plate. i haven't seen one this large. thanks


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