Friday, July 23, 2010

Creative Space.

A couple of weeks ago, my clan embarked on a 2 week tour of family and friends. First up, we stayed with Erik's grandmother. This woman is 80 years old and she can make Martha Stewart look ghetto. I was so inspired by her beautiful home that I decided I MUST do something to update mine. On to my sister's home. It was there I picked up my childhood chifferobe (pictured at right) and some thrift store goodies to round out my sewing space. The chifferobe is perfect for neatly storing my fabric- bolt of white in the bottom, folded fabric in small drawers, and WIPS in the larger section. I even took Erik's family farm table out of our shed and had it repaired so I can use it as a sewing table. It extends a foot on either side if I need the extra space!

I also made some curtains to go in my kitchen that adjoins the sewing nook. I used my favorite American Jane print and the coordinating red gingham. I've decided I'm a gingham girl. It always makes me swoon. Some girls go for dots. Some girls love their stripes. I'm gingham ALL THE WAY.

Here is a cute little cow creamer I picked up about 10 years ago in an Antique Mall. It was about $1 because of a nick in the tail but I just had to have it. I never really had a use for it, but I discovered creamers are great for pouring a little water into your steam iron! Beside the cow is a trio of tins I have collected in the last few months at various thrift stores. I think all 3 cost $1 TOTAL. They are resting on a 25 cent piece of feedsack which I may have to take out of my etsy shop if I get too attached to this setup.

Finally, here is the quilt ladder mentioned in my last post. I'd been searching for a wooden ladder for months (and willing to pay!) so you can imagine my surprise when one magically appeared on trash day when a neighbor was moving out. My husband took off the support part and I used painted the remaining part a shade of green I really like. I realize the quilts are askew on the ladder, but we use quilts in this house...even if it is one of the hottest, most humid cities in the country in the dead of summer!

It's really nice to have a place to display a few girly things. I live in a house full of males and I have never had the opportunity to do a girl room or feminine space.

If you'll excuse me, I'm outta here...I have a perfectly clean sewing space to go get MESSY!


  1. what a great space you've created! love love love your chifferobe! (i've never heard of that term before, but it sounds cool!)

  2. Your room is just precious! And I adore your valances! I am a gingham girl too. :o) I need to add much more to what I create. :o)
    Have a great weekend.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  3. ah look at that gorgeously clean area! way to go!!!! want to come and tackle mine now? ;) thanks for linking up!!!

  4. I love your space,and I got excited when I saw you got a new Juki! I have two, but they are the E models (yours is the newest version). I love that you also love thrifting. I enjoyed visiting here and have added you to my 'read' list.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. It looks great! I totally agree that you are either a dots, stripes, or gingham type person. I'm a dots girl myself but gingham is a close second! Having a space you like definitely makes the whole experience better!


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