Thursday, July 1, 2010

Christmas in July

I recently found an old wooden ladder my neighbor was throwing out. I ripped off the support half and painted the main portion depression-era green. It is now serving as quilt storage. I've made about 40+ quilts to date so I figured it would no be no biggie to fill that sucker up. WRONG. I realized out of all the quilts I have made, I've only kept 2 for myself. My kids are using 4 and the rest have found home with family, friends, or as donations. I had to whip out the first quilt I ever kept for myself to fill the ladder: The Christmas Tree Quilt. I apologize for the wrinkles...6 months in storage will do that to you.

The Christmas Tree Quilt pattern was found on the internet for free. It is made of 5.5" squares and some half square triangle blocks. This was my first attempt at an HST block and it was actually very fun to make. I did purchase the Perfect Half Square Triangle thingie by June Tailor. It's a good block to have in your repertoire. I picked all stash fabrics and scraps for the front.

The back is a fun print of the Peanuts gang. My kids love Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang. Of course this is their favorite side of the quilt...not the side mama pieced together. I am so fortunate that my kids enjoy Peanuts and things I think are fun to watch, too. A couple of weeks ago we went to Cedar Point, an amusement park in Ohio featuring the Peanuts gang as the theme characters. It was wonderful seeing them meeting Snoopy and Charlie Brown...they went back for hug after hug. If you ever have a chance to go there, DO. It's just lovely.

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