Saturday, April 24, 2010

Machine drama!!!

My Juki just got back from the shop about 2 weeks ago, I think. On Thursday night, I sat down to stipple my sister's throw pillow when my machine went NUTS..the timing was almost immediately knocked out of sync. Apparently the stippling was just too much for it. Mark, the owner/technician of Alvin Sewing and Vacuum, fixed the machine while I waited and told me it would be best if I never stippled again. GASP!!! The boys and I had lunch at the super fun tree house themed McDonald's in Alvin and on the way back I got on the horn with the company from whom I had purchased my Juki. They told me to stipple and if knocked my machine out of time again to box it up and send it to them...they were going to make me a happy customer. I'm sure they think this is good ol' USER ERROR, but I've stippled about 30 quilts and table runners + potholders, too. I know what I'm doing, and I know what I am doing on THIS machine specifically. I stippled and the machine was back to normal. I finished the pillow and I did about a fourth of the the matching quilt.

I really wish I had bought the machine from Mark at the local place, anyway. He guarantees his work for 1 year, so he retimed that machine for FREE. He also gave me a FREE belt for the vintage machine I am trying to fix up as a backup. I will definitely buy any future things from him. I was put off from buying locally by a place in the area whose noses are as high as their prices. I won't make that mistake again. Next time I know where to go.

Today my son's team won his tee ball game and he actually played 2nd base today. His usual position is, in-the-parking-lot-deep. I was proud of him for paying attention and keeping his head in the game today. For me, that's more important than winning. Tonight we are going to watch my Astros (and my fave Lance Berkman) playing the Pirates. I am going to remember all this baseball I am enduring when the Quilt Market comes to Houston!!! I have a sleeper sofa and I live just 11 miles away from downtown Houston...WHO'S IN!?

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