Thursday, April 22, 2010

What the hex going on?

Excuse the corny title...I stole it from scooby doo. This little flower is going to find a home in a donation quilt for Quilts for Kids. They are a wonderful organization that provides handmade, machine quilted quilts to children receiving long term medical treatment. They aren't allowed to have stuffed animals because of all the germs, but they can have machine made quilts which are able to stand up to being washed in an industrial washing machine. It's a bit of comfort to a child who really needs it.

Quilts for Kids offers free quilt kits to anyone who would like to make a quilt for their program. Just request it! All you supply is the batting, thread, and time. You also pay for whatever postage to send in the completed quilt. It's a worthy cause that keeps unwanted fabric out of landfills and provides a bit of sunshine to a sick child. I generally make a quilt out of stash to send in with the kit quilt. Here's a link if you'd like to consider making a donation quilt!

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