Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesdays at Tuesday Morning...

On Tuesdays all three of my boys are in school for a big chunk of the day. Little boys learn very quickly that a craft store has pretty much NOTHING they want. With no real incentive to behave (besides keeping mom from looking and acting like a deranged lunatic), shopping in a craft store with my kids has become a nightmare. I discovered a few weeks ago that Tuesday Morning stores have started carrying crafting supplies. There are some scrapbooking things, sewing things, and quilting things. The selection is spotty at best, but the prices make up for it.

I got this HUGE self healing cutting mat for 8.99 a few weeks. The OLFA in this size is $70 I think. I also found these little heart tags which are layout organizers. You write the row number and block number, then pin the tag onto your block. This is great for me...I usually use masking tape. The organizers were $1.79 for a set of 56. I used them today to get a layout together for my retro lamplight quilt.

I took a picture of 2 of my grid rulers. The 6.5inch square was 1.99!!! They also had the big 6.5"x23" (my absolute favorite) for 4.99. I paid so much for these...I would be sick had I not found other deals. I got the Dresden plate template with the boning tool for 1.59. I also picked up one for my best friend. The smallish scissors were 39 cents each...great since I lose the smaller thread cutting scissors. I also got a double pack of Fons and Porter quilting gloves for $1.99. They had tons of other neat things like directional arrow pins and cute pincushions. If you have a Tuesday Morning, it really is worth checking out. It would be perfect for a beginner to get stocked up for cheap.

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