Saturday, March 13, 2010

Church Ladies

Last night I did my first monthly craft night with the church ladies. Noooooo...not THE church lady, though these were just as funny.

I started out trying to baste a quilt for my youngest nephew only to realize (with no extra fabric or machine) that I was short by 5" on my backing width. I did enjoy using the huge church tables when I was ironing my top and backing, though. It really helped support the weight of the top and bottom and made ironing a *little* more enjoyable. I then learned how to do needleturn applique and hand quilting. I don't think the hand quilting is for me (warm and natural batting is very hard to hand quilt through OR I am a complete weakling). I loved the applique part. It was so much simper to hear someone knowledgable explain how to do it. It's definitely something I am going to be trying, especially when we go on long car trips.

There was TONS of laughing, tons of baked goods, and tons of storytelling. By the end of the night I was probably the only person not to have accomplished an actual crafting finish BUT I had a blast and can't wait to do it again. I got home at 3 a.m. and crashed. I woke up not even knowing what day it was and consequently what was going on with my kids. You'd think a woman who has recently raised infant twins would be a little more adjusted to sleep deprivation, but you would be wrong.

Hopefully I can post again later this week with a happy update that my sewing machine is home in my sewing nook. I can't wait!!

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