Thursday, April 22, 2010

Art Show!

Well, The juki is finally back home. I hope she won't go into the shop for a looooong time now, but since she was doused with water by the twins yesterday, that may not happen. They decided to fill their potties (which were clean, thankfully) with water and flood my kitchen. The told me it was an Art Show. Eight towels later, my kitchen was sparkling clean and my sewing machine was doused. I have threatened the emptying of piggy banks if my machine is messed up!

Anyway, on to MOM'S Art Show!

My first post-repair project is for me. I wanted a quilt for my couch which would remind me of my mother. I chose a 70's Lantern Light type design and tried to just collect cheap (which is the essence of my mother!) but good fabrics that struck my eye. The quilt design was inspired by this blog. I didn't go through the trouble of making actual lantern light blocks, so I just did tumblers and placed the fat ends together. It yielded the same results with less work. I just made sure to starch the hank out of those bias edges. PS: I got two of those rockers for free last week on the curb. They have been so nice for sitting outside and watching the boys play.

This is the backing. I used mostly some Flea Market Fancy fabric I got for $2/yard. It is soooo soft. There is also a Prints Charming Print and a Mother Goose print thrown in there. The binding is a tiny chocolate and white polka dot which I found at a thrift store that is a stone's throw from our local thrift shop. I have seen one of the employees of the quilt shop volunteering and the thrift store and I think she's donating, as well. It's nice to be able to spot good fabrics when they are cheap! They usually charge $1/yard. I am always on the lookout for vintage fabrics there, but I will take cheap new fabrics, too!

I stitched in the ditch on this. I really would have preferred the look of stippling, but I didn't want to take away from the softness of that backing fabric. I think this quilt holds warmth a little better than a heavily quilted quilt...bigger air pockets, maybe? It's wonderful for snuggling.

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