Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Our family is due for a new baby in 2 weeks and we are bubbling over with excitement.  Not much sewing is going on but I am trying to get the house as clean as I can in expectation of the chaos and mess to come.  Do you want to know what I am having???
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We're having a BOY...a scottish terrier, to be exact.  The kids wanted another dog like our last who passed away in December.  They are pretty sentimental just like their dad.  His name will be Bosco and we've already started stocking up on toys and new supplies.  Our other dog supplies had seen better days after almost 10 years of use!  Luckily for him being our 2nd dog, he will not be subjected to the indignity of doggie sweaters, doggie bathrobes, and doggie boots (yes, I cop to all those!).  I will be making him some bandanas, though. 

I hope all the stress and potty accidents are worth it.  I am hoping my twins helping out and teaching the dog to potty will cement their own mastery.  Little boys can be kind of gross on that front.  My husband and I are now feeling twinges of regret but I know that will be over once the dog is fully trained.  I feel like I have been toilet training someone or something for 10 years now!

And just a note for anyone who says "who not rescue?"  I looked into that and because we have children we are not eligible for the local breed rescue.  Also, our veterinarian friend discouraged that avenue due to having small children.  I love Scotties and ours was a faithful "big brother" to our boys but socialization and work goes into making a Scottie a family pet.  They can be aloof , stubborn, and cantankerous  unless they are "used to" something....sounds awfully familiar to me- probably why I love the breed so much! 

So, fellow pet owners...any great products I must buy or training tips I must know??


  1. What an adorable puppy! We are very partial to Westies, we had one and just love Scotties too!

  2. Congrats!! A new dog is always exciting!

    When we brought our first beagle home someone advised us to get a bell and hang it on the back door at "nose" height. Whenever we took him out to potty he heard the bell ring and within a week he was ringing the bell himself to go out. He had 3 accidents total and never looked back. He's 6 now and still rings the bell to go out... he also taught our second rescue beagle to ring the bell too.

    And BTW, I completely get why you wouldn't rescue with young kids. Our rescue is a little on the "funny" side and while we trust our first beagle completely, we know that the rescue has a few issues from being abused. It's no big deal for us but it would worry me if we had a young kid.

    Jennifer :)

  3. is it you who's pregnant?? you are NUTS then getting a new dog so close to the baby time..... LOL
    congrats on the puppy though he's SO cute and small... I have a 135lb drooling mess of a bullmastiff. :-)

  4. Great idea about the bell. I've never done it, but wouldn't that be cool.

    In our house we had to make a rule that the dog is under controll before the front door is open. The command of "house" sent the dogs to their kennel where we could make sure they didn't get out or pester the person at the door. We didn't really teach it to them on purpose....but when we did it over and over they eventually caught on. When they graduated from the kennel....we called house, and they ran to their room and looked around for it. LOL

  5. Gosh he is just adorable...I'm so glad for you and your family. He will truly heal your hearts. Best of luck to you. Our little girl is 5 months old now and she is almost potty trained. She keeps leaving me treats in the dining room though! Ugggh. It's a good think she is so cute.

  6. How Cute! We've 'rescued' and 'purchased' dogs in the past. Do what is best for all of YOU! Don't worry about what others say. Your kids have already been around a Scotty, and you know that breed is good for your family. Bosco will be a happy puppy! Hope the training goes quickly.

  7. How fun! And I get what you mean about potty training. Too bad dogs can't wear diapers until they are ready to go. As far as toys, I love Planet Dog. They can be a little pricey, but they last forever and they have this interesting mint smell. My dog loves it!

  8. I am so excited about my new grand dog!!! Lily still loves her paper for inside accidents.. It has helped me tremendously. I also learned at puppy kindergarten to use pure white vinegar in spots that are "mine" and she will associate that smell with places she cannot potty... It has worked pretty well. But, you know all of that, you have trained more boys than I ever have,m, 2 AND 4 legged...

  9. We used the bell trick on a previous dog and it worked great. She had to turn in circles in order to get the bell to ring and eventually she'd just stand in front of you running in this fast tight circle. I agree with you on not getting a rescue dog with small children. I have a terrier I got from the shelter a few years back. She has a history of abuse that causes her to get scared easily. Unfortunately that fear comes out as aggression. She's great with our family, but I wouldn't want her anywhere near children.

  10. I think you have to stick with what you are comfortable with! We have rescued three dogs and all of them were puppies. Because we had kids I was VERy solid on the fact that they HAD to be puppies! I say if you like a certain breed and that is what you want... you go for it! (some people like coffee, some like tea! I like BOTH! LOL) Congratulations on your new arrival! Potty training will be done before you realize!! Good luck! :)

  11. You scared me for a moment. I thought...there goes her sewing time...well, actually...you may be a bit busy for awhile but every boy needs a dog!


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