Monday, March 26, 2012

Batting Battle: Fairfield Nature-fil Bamboo Batting

Today's Batting Battle is brought to you by the generosity of my bloggy friend and long arm quilter, Cindy. She writes a great blog called Tops to Treasures. Check her out!  She sent a box of scraps from long-arm projects and I will be reviewing them as I sew them up.

Today we have Nature-fil Bamboo Batting made by Fairfield (the same maker of the ubiquitous polyfil poly batting).   This is actually a blend of half bamboo, half organic cotton.  The bamboo is said to have natural anti-bacterial properties meaning the company is able to leave disinfecting chemicals out of the manufacturing process.  This is definitely something to consider if you have a chemical sensitive loved one or are making a quilt for someone who has a serious illness.  Bamboo is also said to be breathable & moisture wicking while retaining warmth.  If you've seen bamboo growing you know it can be quite invasive.  The upside is that this makes bamboo a very renewable resource.  Bamboo absorbs 2/3 more carbon dioxide and released 2/3 more oxygen than any plant on earth.  This product seems to be earth friendly.

  Cindy purchased this as a full-size batting in a bag at Joann.  Since I don't know the exact price I will be using the price at Amazon.   If you purchase at Joann, remember to use your super saver tips (and check the comments section of this post for more!).

The Cost Rundown

Nature-fil amazon price = $17.87/yard (90" width)
Warm &Natural= 10.37/yard (90" width)

The Feel
This is no contest.  The bamboo batting has a very silky hand.  It seems to fuzz more than the warm and natural.  The warm and natural is just downright nubby compared to the bamboo batting.  It could just be me, but it seems like Warm and Natural is not the same as it used to be.  Anyone else feel this way?  It just seems less consistently thick.

Quilting Distance
This batting needs to be quilted every 8".  Warm and Natural is every 10".  This batting is suitable for loosely quilted quilts...perfect for when you feel a little lazy or just want a softer, squishier quilt.
I experienced about 1/2" shrinkage all around with my table runner.  In my experience this is the same level of shrinkage I would expect from Warm & Natural or Warm &White.

The pictures

 Here are the battings on my window.  As you can tell, they are of similar thickness.  I cut the squares different sizes this time...sorry, I was being lazy!

 The bamboo (top) is stretchier than the Warm batting.
 They both go back to their shape pretty well.  

All sewn up
 As you can see, this gave a nice "wrinkly" look like a cotton batting.

 Up close...

The Verdict

I would definitely use this batting again but the price will deter me.   It seems like it would be easier to hand quilt on than Warm batting (but I don't hand quilt, sorry I cannot give a true endorsement on that front).  I loved the feel of the batting but once it gets sandwiched between fabrics that is no longer a factor for me.  I am interested in the antibacterial properties and the earth friendly nature of this batting.  Perhaps if it becomes more popular it will also become more affordable.  If the price comes down to the same price of a similar cotton batting, I can see myself switching over to this full time.
Have you used this batting before?  Do you know anything about bamboo batting? Add your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I LOVE this bamboo batting!! I bought it with a 40% off coupon just to try it out. The quilt I used it for is still the softest, most comfortable quilt I have made :o) Thanks for doing the comparison!

  2. My question (because I am new and really know NOTHING about batting) does it have the little flecks in it like the warm and natural does?? I know I have read many places about not using W&N if you are using a lot of white in your quilt! Just wondering! Thanks for the honest review!!

  3. Josie: I didn't notice any flecks. This batting feels very refined...more refined than Warm and White even.

  4. Thanks for this review. I will add bamboo to my test stack. I create samples of various battings to share with my FMQ students. I learn so much from their questions!

  5. I love this batting! I usually only buy it when it's %40 off and I'm able to stack an additional %20 off my total bill at Joanns. So when it's on sale, I stock up. I really like using it for baby quilts because it's more natural.

    Oh, and I also like it because it makes a lighter quilt which is nice in warmer climates like Texas...

    Thanks for the review and comparisons!

    Jennifer :)

  6. I felt the same way---LOVED the softness while I was sandwiching everything, but I really saw no difference in the final product.

  7. Hmmm... I"m a hand quilter, maybe I need to try this out.

  8. Interesting. The comment above about it not being as heavy is helpful too.


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