Thursday, March 29, 2012


Saturday we pick out our puppy.  For a while I was all:

But after the supplies were purchased, appointments made, and dog food was picked,  my energy had nowhere to go and turned into "OMG It's so fluffy WHAT IF IT DIES".  Anxiety.  The kind of anxiety I used to get when I would hold my breath to watch my babies breathe.  It's a good thing I never had triplets or I would have passed out from oxygen deprivation many a night! 

Not much sewing going on...I hope to be back in the very soon.  I'm a one track mind and right now that track is puppyville.  Do you have a one track mind, too?


  1. Awh. I'm jealous! Puppies are awesome, but a ton of work too. I'm sure everything will turn out and your pick will be just what your family needs. In fact, maybe it will inspire you to get another. They are pack animals after all... :)

  2. You are going to feel so much better when you actually get your puppy. Puppies are just plain fun! Our little puppy give us so much entertainment even when I'm frustrated with her for peeing on the floor. I keep telling her that it's a good thing she is so cute. Your family needs another dog! Helps to heal your heart.

  3. Puppies are a big, wonderful deal. It is okay to have a one track mind about long as everybody remembers to eat.

    Can't wait tomeet the little critter.

  4. I think I am two people! lOL sometimes I will work on a project and get so into it that I forget about everything around me! Other times I am doing so many things at once I can't help but throw another project in there! hehe! I'm sure all will be well once the puppy arrives... well AFTER the potty training! I know how much you are looking forward to that! :)


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