Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finish: A Little Ragged

Well last week, in record time, I whipped up a pink & green version of the ragged squares quilt.  I used the free tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts.  This went together so quickly.  I had bought a lot of the Denyse Schmidt pink fabrics in fear they would sell out and I'd learn that my sister in-law was having a girl.  I was really hoping to make a quilt using those fabrics and this little panel:

In the end, they were having a boy (big shocker...there hasn't been a girl born in the family for years).  Also, my husband said his brother was not a fan of the idea of pink elephants.  I will hoard this last panel for a future grandchild, I guess.  In the meantime, I was left with a whole lot of pink girly fabric and nary a girl in sight. 

Speaking of being ragged...my sweet little baby was pushed down and then jumped on at tee-ball and broke his clavicle.  Craziness.  We are going to an orthopedic surgeon today to see what needs to be done.  If you can spare a prayer for his comfort and recovery, it'd be greatly appreciated.  He's in a lot of pain.  I took all of these indoor shots inside so I could take a photo of the quilt before we go give it to its owner next week.  The lighting was not ideal but I had more important things to attend to (like making sure the little man had his every need met!).
This is a lotta pink, a lotta red, a fair amount of green, and a splash of aqua.  I have a ton of this fabric left, so you could see something like this again. 

I love the little gnomes.  I had a little fat quarter with these guys on it and I fussy cut them out.

This quilt will live with my nephew's girlfriend.  I was going to make her a houndstooth quilt so I included some of this fun green Houndstooth instead.  My sister informed me after the quilt was made that her room is pink and green.  WIN!
I used some leftover backing from my Eli's Wheel's quilt (the aqua floral) and of course the blue gnomes, so I added the punctuation blue tickets on green to help tie the blue in a little more. 

I think I like the backing even more.  It is the giant gingham from Denyse Schmidt for Joann.  The floral is from Ruby.  The binding is more DS for Joann.
The Denyse Schmidt fabrics ended up being about $5 a yard with Joann coupons---love that!  The girl is not named Riza, but that is what my boys call her.  She's a really sweet girl and we really like her.

All rolled up and ready to make the loooong trip home for the holidays...are you???


  1. Wow,it`s absolutely awesome.I love!!

  2. Oh man...my oldest son broke his clavical last spring. It was horrible. There wasn't a thing that helped him feel better....until he had pins surgically put in a week later. Praying for your guy.

    Love the girly quilt. Not much girliness going on here either. Sometimes I just forge ahead and make a girly quilt because I enjoy the change. Than it sits on a shelf waiting for God to tell me who it is for,

  3. Your poor little guy! Prayers for him for sure!

    Love the quilt. The pinks, greens, aquas & reds are beautiful!

    Jennifer :)

  4. that quilt is TOO cute, sorry about your little guy, praying for a quick recovery, I have Yet to have my kids get hurt like that, well gashes that needed to be glued together-yeah... but nothing broken.... thursday I plan on getting lots of acorn caps to make those cute acorns you've made :-)

  5. So cute, MLB. Sadly, pink elephants may never have the same, sweet, innocent meaning again. Love the gnomes!

  6. Love the quilt, and sure she will too. Hope the wee man feels better soon, I broke my collar bone last year falling down stairs and it wasn't fun, but physio did help it a lot after I was past the 'bone healing' stage

  7. I said a prayer for you little one - pray he feels better soon!

  8. I found your blog recently through the Moda Bake Shop. I may be trying your Ritzy Cracker Quilt in the near future!


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