Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2011 IQF recap...

I went to IQF twice this year.

I am sorry to disappoint... I have a total of 1 picture...and that was of my friends. To be honest, look through my posts of 2010 IQF and you will see the same things that impressed me this go round. Unfortunately 2 of my favorite booths were not there this year.

I bought 5/8yd of fabric...and it was covered in superheroes. The only other thing I bought were notions...marking pens, bobbin tubes, thread, and rotary blades. I'm boring, I guess.

So much was the same from last year. I couldn't bring myself to schmooze with the quiltolebrities I saw...Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims, Pokey Bolton, and Eleanor Burns. I am not one of those people who will go out of their way to strike up a convo or make myself noticed...schmoozing and networking is against my nature. I really like doing tutorials and hearing comments from y'all. I dislike how clique-ish it sometimes feels in the quilt blog community and how much schmoozing and networking come into play in one's success. Let me also say this month has been rough and it definitely played a part in my sour outlook. I was in a car accident (we are ok) with a crazy person who is not cooperating though the police labeled it all her fault. Also, our dog has been diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. So there ya go...I did a horrible job documenting the IQF experience, but really I could not have done it justice right now. I did enjoy the people I went with, so that's a blessing.

Soooooo as you can tell I'm a bit restless and frazzled and I want to spend the next few weeks catching up on mindless reading, making quilts without thinking about new patterns or ideas, and doing a couple of Christmas gifts. I will keep y'all posted on any projects I do.

PS: I saw Sandy Klop's friend Kaye again and told her about my fun surprise email. She said that Sandy contacting me voluntarily would really hurt her restraining order case. LOL or Yikes? I am going with LOL, I guess???


  1. So sorry for all the ickiness going on!! Do take care!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I am sure there are plenty of people blogging about every little detail right now. For me, Quilting is about finding my peace, I hope the next few days and weeks allow you to enjoy a little bit of yours.

  3. What a pain to be going through all this, hope things get better for you soon!

  4. Sorry about the 'clicky' people. Life is too short to deal with that. Sorry also about your doggie. That's tough. Hope the crazy person starts to work with you. You should just be able to contact their insurance company.


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