Friday, June 24, 2011

From Kinicka, with love.

 Recently, my family (of origin) went with their church on a Mission Trip to Uganda to spread the love of Christ.   The twins got in their head that Africa should be renamed Kinicka.  We went with it.  You pick your battles, right?

My sister came to visit me shortly afterwards and give us some loot.  This fabric is called Angel wax, I think.  I hope you guys can suggest a clothing piece for me to make with it.  I have about a yard.  I'm thinking "scarf"  It feels in between quilting and home dec weight and it is the same front and back.  It might just be stiff from starches...I haven't washed it yet.
 I also got a handcrafted bowl made from banana fibers.  Super resourceful.

 My husband got 1000 Shilingi and 2 packs of belgian dark chocolate from the airline (they made a stop in Brussels to refuel).  My husband was feeling pretty rich until he found out the airline chocolate cost more than 1000 shilingi. 

And here is a bookmark my oldest son got with Uganda appliqued on it.  I am praying that is some kind of plant fiber!

We also wooden toys and a mask, but those have been whisked away for play!

Awesome suggestions for the African fabric welcome!

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  1. I love ethnic fabrics!! I don't make clothing at all. That is a bit much for me to wear, but I would love it as an apron or for a bag. One can never have too many bags!!


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