Monday, May 2, 2011

Tutorial: Quilted Eyeglass/Sunglasses Case

I know most of you can probably figure out this simple project, but I'm going to do a tutorial because some people wanted one and sometimes it is nice to have a fun project with no thinking and no math.

 First make an outside.  This piece will be 6.5" high by 7.5" wide.  Feel free to use a single fabric, pieced scraps, or an orphan quilt block.  I pieced together some 1"ish strips and added some denim to the top.  I placed ricrac where those 2 joined.  This is a great use for leftover ric rac.
 Now we will make a hanging loop in case you use this for sunglasses.  You can skip down past this step if you don't need a loop.  Take your loop fabric (mine was 5" long and 2" wide) and fold it in half and press with an iron.
 Fold your edges to the crease and press again.
 Fold in half once more covering your raw edges.
 Topstitch along the edge to secure.
 Layer your fabric pieces:
Lining: wrong side up
Exterior: right side up
 Quilt as desired.
 Turn over and secure your hanging tag (if you made one) to the top edge an inch or two away from the side.  I backstitched several times to make sure it was secure.
 Now take a leftover binding strip (2.25" wide strip that is folded/pressed in half) and secure the raw edge to the top edge of your exterior side.
 Turn over and attach to the back side by hand or machine...your preference.

 Fold in half lenthwise and sew along the side and bottom.  Trim your corners.
Zigzag, serge, or pink your edges to minimize fraying.

Turn right side out and press.
If you make one, I hope you have fun doing so!


  1. GRACIAS¡¡ me pondre a hacerlo hoy. Soy tu seguidora desde hace tiempo. Saludos desde Sevilla

  2. This is so cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

    Jennifer :)

  3. I can use this right away. thanks.


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