Friday, April 29, 2011

The fine line between honesty and ugliness.

Today I read a hugely long blog posting/comments about people "being real" on their blog and not following the herd mentality. Don't like a fabric line other people do...speak now or forever hold your peace. Do you have a pet peeve about blogs/patterns/fabric companies...spill it, girlfriend...all in the name of keeping it real.
I posted my annoyance and then thought better of it. Nobody asked my opinion...nobody really cares. I think it's pretty clear what I like by looking through my quilts. No need to state my DISlike.

Some people complained about some people having expensive machines. I have a nice sewing machine (ok, TWO!) sue me. It is the first really nice thing I ever allowed my husband to do for me.  I don't get manicures, haircoloring, and have a bag for every outfit..I don't even know you could call what I wear an "outfit". What is it to someone else how I choose to spend my money? I assure you my family is not suffering because of what goes on in my sewing nook.

Others complained about people buying too much fabric or fabric that was too expensive.  I learned to sew on wal-mart fabric and I don't care where you buy yours.  I use more expensive stuff now because I have slowed *way* down in my quilting...I'm talking my time more and enjoying myself instead of playing Worker Bee.  I can afford to buy better stuff  because my volume has gone down.  I will admit I have gotten a few things free...sue me on that.  What do you do, send it back with a no thanks?? 

Yet more people were annoyed when people talked about their faith (guilty, and if that is wrong, I don't wanna be right) or showed their babies or their're not gonna catch my feet OR a full shot of my babies on this blog, but I am not going to be annoyed if you do.  Personally I love seeing a good pic of babies feet (double whammy!).

Don't forget the spelling and grammar police.  

Honestly after reading all that it seems terrifying to write a blog post! 

Do I have negative thoughts? Absolutely. I just...
  • don't buy it
  • don't read it
  • don't sew it
  • don't follow it
  • talk to a trusted friend and let it all hang out...move on.  
 Choice is a beautiful thing...thank you all for choosing to listen to my ramblings thus far.  I hope to never see someone trashing me for what is said here, but if I do...I will click that little red X in the corner with a quickness. 

My first King Size quilt is getting bound now and I hope to have it up this week.  400 inches of hand binding...whew.  This is gonna take a while.


  1. Amen! Like I commented recently on someones blog before I unfollowed them. There is too much negativity in the world to complain about what 'you' think is wrong. Dont follow and dont read and dont comment on what you dont agree with. You will be happier and those of us who dont care for negativity will be also.

  2. I must be reading the right blogs because I am blissfully unaware of what you are talking about. I don't see a reason to put other people down or to be jealous of what others have. I have a less-expensive machine and I don't buy the expensive fabric -- but I want to someday:)

  3. LOL, i know what you mean. if i don't like something i speak with my feet(by walking out) or my wallet (by keeping it shut), or both.

    my only complaint was about me--i've going thru qulter's doldrums now, and have little incentive to get back to piecing, in spite of having plenty of projects to choose from. once i sit back down at the machine i'll get back into it, but right now the number of quilts left to make with my stash is overwhelming me.

  4. oh come on MaryLane... tell us how you really feel... love you girly!!!

  5. oooh, baby feet :-D

    good luck with that binding! That's, strangely, one of my favourite parts of making a quilt. Even though it takes forever, it is so worth it to me!

  6. Amen to that! I totally agree! Your Blog is about you, who you are and your passions!
    I like that final binding step. After all that machine sewing, I like the quietness of the needle and thread, plus it is the idea of being just about done with a quilt that has great satisfaction for me :)

  7. I like you! I love your point of view, and feel exactly the same way.

    I hope when the PC police catch up with you they putnyou in the cell next to me! God bless!

  8. It actually makes me sad to see so many people gripe and complain about something that is supposed to be a fun hobby. I sew because I enjoy creating things. I buy fabric that I like, no matter the designer or price. I have respect for fabric designers and their artistic abilities. The same goes with the countless quilters and seamstresses. The only suggestion that I have is that if people's blogs and comments and fabrics and machines and thread and promos irritates a person that much, I totally agree with Mary that they should just close out the screen and not participate.

    People complain about Lecien and Japanese imports...I have a lecien floral that I absolutely love and loved the first time I saw it. It is red, white and blue. It has nothing to do with the fact that it is a Japanese import or that it is lecien. It has to do with the fact that our family celebrates the 4th of July every year and we have a huge barbecue and I wanted a pretty red, white and blue fabric to make a skirt out of that was not a patriotic print.

    I can also say that I spent my weekend in Smithville, Mississippi, volunteering with the massive amounts of tornado damage from an EF5 tornado that has completely and totally leveled the whole entire town, and in which tornado my husband lost a family member. In perspective, people being peeved over the endless promotion of Sherbert Pips seems quite trivial.

    Perhaps the haters should be grateful that there are so many fabric designers to choose from. Perhaps they should be grateful for all of those free tutorials that are posted by people who gain nothing from them. Find a reason to celebrate your hobby and creativity instead of complaining about all the people that make it possible.

    BTW. I actually like baby pics and the feet pics. There is nothing sweeter than a picture of a cute fat baby laying on a beautiful quilt. As far as my own feet..... well I play guitar and dig in the dirt so my hands are not the prettiest and I already have a flip flop tan, but I love to pain my toenails and see pretty nail polish. I would be more upset over people posting pictures of frito feet. Pretty, manicured, polished feet do not offend me at all....I have a 17 year old that could almost be a tree sloth. Ha :)

    And as far as faith-----you keep it up Mary Lane - Isaiah 55:11 - my word will not return unto me void.

    I heart you!

  9. Amen! I just about had an anxiety attack reading all those negative comments on another blog. You are right, there is a fine line between honestly and ugliness... you are on the side of honest and I love reading your blog!

    Jennifer :)

  10. Yup, I am with you Sister!



  11. I don't know about the other blog but you were so right to post this.
    I am like you. I have an expensive machine that my husband wanted to buy for me. But I don't have own much in the way of shoes and such.
    And my baby and his feet get put on my blog. Gosh, it sounds like the other was completely bashing me! Well, if so...its because they are jealous of me :)
    Still..I am curious...I would love to see the link. I don't like controversy so I would never comment on a blog like that. UGH.


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