Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Finish & some thoughts..

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I have finished with this quilt for a while but the sunlight has been pretty terrible and I wanted to get gorgeous pictures. We went to a beautiful park this morning and I brought the quilt and camera along, but 3 hours later and my tiny walnut sized bladder struck before I ever took the first picture...backyard pics will have to do!

 I added my scottie block on the corner.  I have yet to make his yoyo collar, but I do plan on it.  My middle son picked out the fabrics for the scottie, so this is his quilt.  It's between twin and full size.

 Here is a wide shot.  I really love the black cornerstones.  I've never been a huge fan of sashings or cornerstones, but I really think these help sell the crochet look. 
 I quilted leafy vines in the sashings, loops in the white areas of the block, and a spiral flower in the granny square itself.  I was very happy with the quilting except for the spiral flowers.  They are not that visible so really the texture is most important on those...and they do deliver on that front.

 All American Jane fabrics from my stash or from Cindy's scrap bin.

 Here is my scottie inspiration.  He's really funny because he thinks a quilt in any stage of production is a dog bed.  I have a quilted pillow cover that he will literally fight me for.    We found out he is deathly allergic to chicken (he's like those peanut allergy kids who can't eat anything in a place that processes nuts).  We have found he does great on a prescription venison food from the vet that does not share equipment with chicken.  I really hoped to get another vacuum cleaner dog, but it was not meant to be.  Luckily for me, the kids panic if food gets on the floor because it could make the dog very sick, so the floor is getting clean (ish) just the same!  He is kind of shaggy right now.  I'm letting him keep a little extra fur til the good weather is here to stay.

 I really love this quilt and I am thankful to Lori Holt for the inspiration.
 I backed in this awesome American Jane fabric ($2.99/yard HOLLA!!).  This is the AJ fabric that was inspired by a piece of vintage fabric that fellow blogger Amy Smart gave Sandy Klop.  I have since shamelessly begged Sandy Klop for scottie dog fabric, so FINGERS CROSSED!  I have zero connections or pull, but I think she might think I'm unhinged with my AJ obsession so she might oblige me.  I can't help it...it is just so sweet and timeless.  I look at some of the designer fabric that is newer than some of these prints and it already looks dated.  Just my opinion...I'm not a fan of the very trendy.

Speaking of trendy...

I have read some blog posts about QuiltCon that, while not surprising, are disappointing.

Modern...traditional...art...who needs the labels?  In my mind, the labels we have in the quilting community have are less about defining who we are than who we AREN'T.   Why must we even define it?  Because...the world loves a box.  To me, saying you are a "modern quilter" is a roundabout way of saying "I quilt...but don't confuse me with a grandma doing a sampler in civil war repros."  Saying you are a "traditional quilter" kind of says "I do quilting the way it was meant to be done...not like those unconventional hipsters with their freeform piecing.  I just don't get having to identify your style of quilting to others.  It's divisive and it just hems us in.    I've made all kinds of quilts and even been a winner of a modern quilt guild challenge...yet I also enjoyed making this traditional great granny quilt tremendously! 

I leave you with an very traditional quilt.  A woman made this from 1/2" hexies during her daughter's nap time and it was hanging at IQF.  It was impeccably made.  It brought me to tears...literally.

If we pour that kind of craftsmanship and soul into something, that it moves a complete stranger to tears, that's the best kind of art...no matter the style.


  1. This quilt turned out adorable. Love the block in the corner with your little scotty dog. Your quilting is fabulous! I'm going to make a granny square quilt soon too. Making mine out of Sweetwater - Noteworthy. Love your quilt!

  2. It's absolutely wonderful, Mary. (And the scottie in the corner is delightful.) I love AJ fabrics (despite the fact that they are at odds with my decorating style). I think I love them because they remind me so much of the Dick, Jane, and Sally books in which I learned to read--and they remind me of the colors in Mrs. Lebo's kitchen--she was my first grade teacher and taught me to read. I've never seen them in any of the stores around here, so of course I've never found any great sales. I do have at least one Sandy Klop book. So, I'm thinking an AJ quilt will have to go on my wish list and that I should start looking for fabrics.
    Thanks for sharing!
    And yes, now that most of the "quilt police" from the 80's and 90's have been de-commissioned, it's sad that we have a new group concerned about putting quilters into style categories.

  3. Your quilt turned out great Mary...proud of you!

  4. LOVE everything about this post!! Love that little scottie dog, love that amaze-balls quilt, love your thoughts.

  5. Love your quilt and the inspiration is adorable too!!

  6. I love the way you put the Scottie block in the corner. Such a great signature. I am a great fan of Sandy Koop. I love her attitude and her "joie de vivre" that shows in every clip I have seen of her.
    Her new line is gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful quilt. Your thoughts on modern quilting are well said.

  8. Well said about labelling quilters and how restrictive and divisive it is. I don't want to be part of something that doesn't allow me to do what I want and develop and evolve.

  9. I love this quilt. We recently lost our puppy and this quilt (along with your previous post on the Scottie block) has inspired me to make a memory quilt for her.

  10. Such a beautiful quilt and really, why do we have to follow trends if what gives us joy is not what the cool kids are doing? But, if you love the "modern" fabrics, that's fine too. I like lots of different styles of quilts and fabrics and whatever makes me smile is what I buy! Love the Scottie by the way. As a child, my neighbour had one and we used to dress him up and push him on the swings--he was a great dog!


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