Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Australian awesome...or just too much?

 Australian awesome... you know what I am talking about, right?  I'm talking about those awesome quilts that are busy & full of unexpected choices that just somehow work.  The kind of quilts you could stare at for hours. 

 The kind of quilts like you see in...


or even in blogland
I don't know why, but these quilts seem not to have the problem I have, which is OVER editing.  You aren't going to find embellishements or funky borders or daring fabric choices in my quilts.  I think I make some nice quilts, but I would love to have that little oomph to make WOW! quilts.  I am trying to get brave.

Having said that, I found a bolt of houndstooth fabric in a shop closing for $2.50 a yard.  I bought the entire bolt.  I also got the white fabric for $3.99/yard there.  I was really just auditioning the idea of a black print and the houndstooth is all I had on hand that was a large hunk of fabric still. 

So here is where I need your help...I am really digging the houndstooth background!  I texted a pic to two friends who quilt, and the reviews were mixed.  Solid black is out, by the is way too stark and overpowering.  Do I find another black print, use the houndstooth, or go with my normal safe choice of an off white?

 I am also branching out a little bit in fabric choices.  I got this big piece of fabric (which is really NOT 54", but is regular width) and I am not really sure what it is.  I did a flame test and the best I can come up with is linen or mercerized cotton.  I paid $2 for 4.5 yards.  I just LOVE the feel.  I also burned the individual fibers and they seem to be natural.  I think this is linen.  Thanks to Dora at Dora Quilts for the fabric test advice...she is an avid charity quilter so I knew she had come across some mystery fiber and would know what to do.


I am thinking of pairing it with these shot cottons (and maybe more) to make a quilt version of the sewing machine cover from Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky:
I hope to hear some opinions from you guys!  I'm trying to branch out but I wouldn't mind a little hand holding and direction!


  1. I sorta like the houndstooth fabric! I suppose it depends on what your goal is for the quilt though...from a distance, picture, the houndstooth makes it look a bit prim...vs the traditional white. Can't wait to hear what you decide. I am working on this same pattern now and then and went with the traditional ivory for my diamonds. I wasn't planning on using the triangles to set. It's just going to be a plain Jane reproduction quilt. Nothing terribly exciting, but a collection of fabrics I love.

  2. From the picture the houndstooth looks more interesting than the white. I'm not really feeling the white. However, another option since so many of you fabrics more medium tones with the red being the color that pops out, might be a black polka dot on white background or another medium tone color, such as a blue. Also perhaps a houndstooth that is a little larger. Audition others before deciding

  3. I like the houndstooth. Don't worry about the quilt police, use what you want to, how you want to use it. Have fun with it.

  4. I know I'm the odd man out here...but I actually love the white. It gives such a clarity to the blocks. The houndstooth is cool too, though, and definitely says modern.

  5. The houndstooth makes the white look boring. I think the white is a safer choice by far, you can never go wrong with a white background, really. But the houndstooth adds interest.

  6. i like the houndstooth better than the white. but maybe a bolder solid color would look interesting as well, like a lime green?

  7. I like the houndstooth and what is more important is that you like it and want to try it - so do. Second, love your idea for the other quilt - love it!

  8. Oh yeah, we are awesome down here! I think pick the houndstooth. The white is lovely, but kinda standard - what you expect to see these days. The houndstooth makes it different, and looks great too. I think your idea for a new quilt is fabulous. It will look gorgeous with shot cottons and your mystery natural fibre fabric!

  9. Houndstooth!!! And it is definitely YOUR quilt, do as you like! PBTHHH to the quilt police! Actually, red and white houndstooth, doesn't that sound cool? You could overdye your houndstooth with tea if you want it to look more antique like, but I like it like it is. Have fun!!
    ?Bind it in red? Think about it.

  10. Houndstooth for sure! And I love your idea for the "mystery" fabric with the shot cottons. It will be fabulous!

  11. Houndstooth! Love it! You could also just use it in one or two places to create the secondary star pattern around 1 or 2 blocks, and then do the rest in white. Love it, can't wait to see what you do!

  12. I like the houndstooth option. Unexpected but calming. Go for it!


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