Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First 2013 Finish...Charming Crumby Stars!

While some may argue that an unbound quilt isn't truly a finish, I'm calling this one done. Whenever I know a lot of pointless waiting around is in my future, I stop binding quilts at home and make them my to-go project. With 3 boys starting spring baseball, I'm going to save that task for waiting around at practices.

I really love this quilt.  It is about 40"x40".  I had planned on hanging it up, but the little one that helped me with this quilt wants to sleep with it.  Either way, it's claimed and headed for a useful future.  It was so fun seeing all my scraps and I realize I must have busted through SOOO much fabric to have all these scraps.  In fact, I still probably have about a pillowcase worth of scraps, but I am going to pass those on to a friend.  I know hard core scrap quilters would cringe at this, but this friend sews for a missions endeavor so I know she will make better use of them than I will.

These are my 3 favorite stars.  I love their simplicity.  I tried something different in each star...some more successfully than others (I'm looking at you, feathered star).  The area over the prints is just stippled, and quite badly I might add.  I couldn't see where I was quilting with all the craziness going on, so hopefully this will mean nobody else can see the quilting either.  Some of the stars are made with orphan square-in-square blocks from my middle son's jewel box quilt, so those star points are a little different than the ones I made specifically for this quilt.  I don't think it matters too much.

I backed this in a thrift store find- black/white cotton gingham.  How perfect is that...and 99 cents/yard!  I had planned on using the rest of it for binding, but I couldn't find it at crunch time.  I went with plain black instead.  It's probably for the best with all the craziness in the stars.

If you like this quilt, here are 2 tutorials I used to make this quilt:

For making the crumb blocks...
To make the Charming Star block... (the main difference was that my smaller squares for the star points were 3" and not 2 7/8"...this was because it was easier on my eyes to see the grid lines at 3")

Once bound I might take real pictures instead of iphone pictures, but it's just soooo convenient.  Sorry if they are hard to see.


  1. This is cute as a button!!! I love it :D

  2. Thank you for the link-back and I just adore your crumb star quilt!

  3. I count is as a finish if I just get the top made. Each step after that is another finish. Cute!

  4. Mary, I absolutely *love, love, love* this quilt!

  5. Beautiful. So glad to read a post from you. I've been missing you.

  6. I love this quilt! I've been sorting through my scraps and have been accumulating a basket of crumbs. I would love to make a similar one.


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