Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The $2.88 robe project.

This year I decided I wanted all of my kids to have bathrobes.  I checked my trusty Land's End (I really hate shopping for clothes in real life).  $35 each x 3 boys = YIKES!  I made one robe for my middle son from some Alabama fabric my mother-in-law bought for me (thanks!).  The other boys don't like Alabama.  I priced some fleece at Hobby Lobby & wal-mart.  It was going to be about $12 a robe.  I didn't feel good about making them at that price since JC Penney was selling them made (and with better fabric) for just a few dollars more.  I popped into wal-mart for serger thread and noticed a huge box of rolled up fleece blankets for $2.88.  This is a holiday deal (maybe left over from black Friday?) but the blankets themselves are not holiday themed.  I noticed they were 50"x60"...almost 2 yards of fabric.  I needed about 2 1/4 yards per bathrobe on my Simplicity 3575 pattern and I figured if I was smart about the finished edges I could save fabric and make a robe from each of the $2.88 robes.

 I laid out my blanket (doubled up short ways) and lined up all the pieces.  It was a little sketchy on the outer arm area but I *did* manage to get everything for a size small robe (from the pattern) completely out of 1 blanket.  For my older son's size M robe I made all but the hood from the blanket.  Luckily I had some coordinating fleece that made a cute hoodie for his robe. 

 I did not line up the edge of the pattern to the edge of the pattern.  Instead I hung the pattern over the edge of the blanket by the margin allowed for seam allowance.  For the bottom and front  it was 1.25" seam allowance so I laid the pattern 1.25" over the finished edge.  That area of fabric in the middle became the tie belt.

 The seam allowance for the sleeves was over 3" so I hung the pattern over quite a bit on the sleeves. 

 I finished up the pattern and the only edge that needed finishing was the hood (honestly I could have done better but when you have a 5 year old breathing down your neck you will sacrifice your craftsmanship for the sake of peace).

 Here is the front...I think the blanket stitching is so cute here.

 Here are the sleeves.  It also goes along the bottom but I didn't want to take a picture of little boy feet.

I had to improvice on this pattern to add belt loops.  I also added a few stitches to keep the belt in place.  I will never understand why that isn't standard on all robes.  I can't tell you how many robe belts I have lost in my day.

So for $2.88 I have a great kids robe and a very happy kid.  No serger needed!  It isn't the highest quality fabric but I know I can keep my eye out for clearanced fleece throws in the future as a source of fabric and not just a blanket.


  1. Well aren't you a smartie! Good for you. easy, fast and cheap. That is my kind of gift.

  2. love this!!! and Jack is just so cute!! I hope you post all three decked out when completed!!! So smart!!

  3. Great idea! They grow so fast at this age, so investing in an expensive robe is not necessary. As long as they are covered, warm and happy, that's what counts. Good job!

  4. My kids LOVE their robes! Great thinking!

  5. have an Alabama fan!....Great score on the fleece...and I love how you made it without needing a serger!

  6. Well done! Thanks for sharing that trick, I might have to be on look out now for fleece blankets on sale to make fleecy pajama pants!

  7. Love the idea. Very clever of you!

  8. Perfect for growing boys. Washable, and, won't wear out until they grow out of it.


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