Friday, November 30, 2012


I am sorry I forgot to post the giveaway winner. I have contacted her and am awaiting her's Barbara at Nahtante Quilts (sorry I don't know how to make an umlaut over the a).

We had a crazy round of strep then holiday traveling (1 car + 3 kids+ 2 adults + dog * 14 hrs - working dvd player = WHOA)

 We had fun with family but my husband declared it was time to take the kids to the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  We loaded up with my sisters and two of my nephews and went for the day.  We stayed about 7 hours!  I thought we would breeze through but there was a lot more to do now than when I was a kid even though Baker the space monkey passed away a while ago.  As you can see the lack of space monkey did not keep the boys from having an awesome time.  If you are ever nearby you ought to go.

When I got home I had to hit up the thrift stores because I knew they would have new and exciting enameled cast iron & a toy picnic basket.  Check it:

I squeezed all my lemons and got probably 6 gallons of just juice.  I kept 3 gallons of juice in my lemonade ever.  As soon as I got home I got more citrus in the form of a friend's oranges.  I made juice and these little simmering potpurri starters.

I took the orange rinds after juicing and stuck in some apples that had gotten too cold in the fridge, a bay leaf, and cinnamon.  I'm freezing these and then they will be ready to just toss a couple in a simmering pot for a nice Christmas smelling house.  Usually I make up little baggies with apple cores & oranges that have seen better days but this is so darn cute.

And I bought more fabric (help me it's a sickness).  I decided the last week of November it would be awesome to give each boy a quilt this year.  One needing binding , one needing quilting, one not even designed.   Add to that my obsession with the crumb stars.  What gifts are you sewing up in your sewing room?


  1. He, he, he would you believe that my dear spouse decided to make the apron for his mother?! It was on my list. Now it is not. I get to make pot holders from the scraps. (way more fun in my book.)

    Glad you had a good trip.

  2. Thanks a million for the giveaway! I did not expect at all to be the lucky one. I was already considering to oder this book, so you really made my day! :-)

    You've got cute kids! Congrats on your three little austronauts! :-)

  3. I have S.M.A.D. (Sewing Machine Acquisition Disorder), sew, we can say that you have F.A.D. (Fabric Acquisition Disorder). Gotta feed that illness. Good excuse, at least.

  4. Mary, the book arrived in the mail today. And it's even signed! It's gorgeous, and so inspriring! :-)
    Thanks a million again! Please also give my thanks to Kelly and Andrea!

  5. I have FAD too lol... only I had to leave almost all my fabrics to Italy since I moved in July to cold Scotland and now miss them so much.
    I love your blog and projects and I am sorry to say I did not manage any sewing for the last few months(the move, work, my eldest school and the twins...sigh.) I miss it so much. Fingers crossed if we get a new home soon (I hate this place we got too quickly) I will have my sewing room far from the kids' ears so I can start doing it at night if anything...I asked you a question in another post did you see it? Merry Xmas.


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