Thursday, July 26, 2012

When the Leader & Enders get more interesting...

I'm still working on the friendship braid quilt and since there is so much stopping/starting and ironing involved, I thought I would sew up some leftover HSTs I had from the quilt I did for moda.    It ended up (with some scrounging through scrap bins for borders) being a nice sized pillow.  All that orderliness is a nice place to rest your eyes in a chaotic house full of kids home for summer.

I am really lazy about making pillows so I did an envelope  backing from some railroad ticking.  I bought a few yards for $1 in my hometown...but the rub was that they were cut into 10" or so strips.  That worked fine for this project.
I did a faux binding with the thin brown strip.  I did pebbles in the tan area, stitched in the ditch around the red, and did a weird little stacking motif in the triangle area.

And somewhere along the way, I did manage to get this beast sewn up.  It's about 65x85 I think.  I had considered trying to make it king sized but I just didn't have enough fabric variety in my remaining pieces.  Rather than ruining what I had done I just decided to stop at a nice couch size.
I started sewing the extra chisels together for binding.  For the backing, I am using some old curtains I made using Fig Tree's Whimsy line.  It's not perfect but it's already paid for (and at only $2 a yard)!
I have to learn how to do extra wide mitered bindings.  It is something I always wanted to do and since the chisels are 3.5" wide now would be the perfect time to learn.  Any tips???


  1. It is looking great. No tips for you...but a nice well done.

  2. I do not know anything about extra wide binding miters,,, however, I am going to be mitering each corner of my 9.5 inch border on my sampler quilt... I am pumped about that,,, all I have done is cut them out in 4 "long" solid pieces and I am to leave 9.5 inches hanging off each corner... I guess I will get the rest of the story at quilt class... Hey,, chance that I will be ready with them sewn on by hand????,,, doubtful... Probably be a couple of weeks..stay tuned... Your quilt is awesome as usual!!!


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