Wednesday, April 4, 2012

tribute mini quilt

If you have been reading a while you will remember our last dog Ewan who passed away in December.  I always knew we had a good vet but that experience showed me I have a GREAT vet....and not just Dr. Lenarduzzi, but the techs & receptionists, as well.  When Ewan passed away they shed tears along with us.  I was surprised at checkout when Renee, the receptionist, told me they were going to pay for the cremation since we had spent so much money on his treatment.  I was moved once again when I received a charity donation made in our dog's name to the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. It brought so much comfort to us to know that he had been in such capable, caring hands.

When I made my own version of a  Scottie block, I knew  would make a quilt for our family one day but it just felt right that the first block go to the Manvel Animal Clinic for as a thank you to them and a reminder of Ewan.  I decided to do a tribute mini.

 I did "mesh curtain" from the FMQ project for his hair and pebbling for the background.  It was fun to do the pebbling but WHEW...a lotta work.  I don't know if I have the stamina for a large quilt quilted with small pebbles.
I made a label (which I am ashamed to say I almost never do) that reads:

Made by Mary Lane Brown
in honor of our dog Ewan &
the loving care he received at 
Manvel Animal Clinic 2002-2011

Many thanks also to our honorary vet, Eris Deterding.  She is a friend of ours from college and she has given the honesty of a friend wrapped in the knowledge of a veterinarian.  If you live near Southaven, MS  and need a truly special person to care for your pets,  ask for Dr. D at Stateline Animal Clinic.  You won't regret it.

UPDATE: I took this quilt to the vet and they were so kind and hung it right away.  It is now over the doggie scale in the lobby.  It's pretty funny since Ewan would never stand still enough on the scale to get a good read.  Now his memorial stands guard on the vet scale!


  1. And you will smile and think happy thoughts every time you see it! It makes me laugh that he would not stand still! I had a dog (my poor Buster) who would not get on the scale to save his life! (and he was 65lbs!) one time my Honeyman picked him up and got on the scale with him! The whole room was in tears laughing at that!

  2. Such a cute memorial for him :o)

  3. awww that is so sweet, now everyone can enjoy the memorial

  4. This is really special...I must compliment you on your pebbles. They are really awesome.

  5. Beautiful memorial, what a great way to remember him.

    Josie, what a crack up!!!

  6. That is precious. I never expected to read "Manvel" on a blog. ;) I graduated from Alvin.

  7. What a tribute to both your dog, and the vet's office help.

  8. That's awesome and I love that little quilt. Our furry friends are part of the family. I didn't realize you were near Manvel. Then again I may have read that earlier and forgot. Sometimers disease. LOL. I'm in Tomball or did I already mention that before too.
    Take care and thanks for sharing.


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